Interview: P.E.T.A Comments on their “Successful” Mario Kills Tanooki Game

If you’ve even been online over the past week, you know that P.E.T.A has recently made Super Mario 3D Land a target of their most recent campaign. The game sees the return of the classic Tanooki Mario suit. Believing that any press is good press, P.E.T.A decided to paint Mario as a animal abusing villain. They even went as far as to create a short game where a skinned raccoon hunts down the blood drenched, Italian menace.

“Fuck you Mario! This skin belongs to animals.” says the hero upon the culmination of his tedious, unfun pursuit.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time video games have been subjected to P.E.T.A’s crazy antics. Having a relevant outlet for such a topic, I decided to contact P.E.T.A with the hopes of ambushing them with the kind of hard hitting journalism that you deserve to read.

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Nightshade3862574d ago

You know, regardless of the group's political slant, generally all special interest groups like this are full of crazy people with too much free time. PETA, the PTC and the NRA in particular annoy the crap out of me for their generally complete lack of common sense, reason, and amazing ability to turn pretty much any topic into a "they're out to get the animals/your guns/your children!!" type of illogical rant that makes me wonder why anyone, anywhere takes them seriously enough to give them a media platform. Yet amazingly enough, people give these groups money. Goes to show you that the world is full of suckers.