If You Don't Want Hollywood Action In Your Shooters WTH Do You Want?

Velocity Gamer: I'm honestly sick and tired of hearing people cry out about shooters having "Hollywood Action." Um, last time I checked, when someone puts a gun in my hand in a video game I expect some action to be going on! Not walk around pointing it at the ground and saying hi to my buddies.

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360ICE2519d ago

Realism. Like we see more of in Arma, Cod4 or Flashpoint
Cartoony action. Like in team fortress
Fallout 3, R:FoM and far cry 2 would be other examples of fps games that may have elements of hollywood action but it's not really the main thing in the game.
Icerespect though. Some people are too hostile against hollywood action in games. MW2 campaign was fun and the uncharted games are always (n)ice

Takoulya2519d ago

CoD 4 was not realistic at all. I agree with your last point though, there's no reason to choose full out realism over fun.

360ICE2519d ago (Edited 2519d ago )

I'm not saying that CoD4 was realisic. BF3 isn't either. But they're more focused on keeping a slower more realistic pace instead of blowing everything up in slow motion and plowing through the story like that there Michael Bay does to them there transformer movies.

Majin-vegeta2519d ago

Look at Goldeneye64 and PerfectDark64 theres your answer.

cr33ping_death2519d ago (Edited 2519d ago )

umm how about awesome offline multiplayer that few of todays games cant touch.

Pikajew2519d ago (Edited 2519d ago )

4 player death match It would bring back so many memories. Or a FPS puzzle game with physics, guns and puzzles.

BattleTorn2519d ago


Shooters that aim for Hollywood blockbuster-action will always be too linear.

tsn2519d ago

Look at Counter-strike 1.6.

Only reason why article writer is crying is because his facebook made MW3 is getting hate because the company is beyond greedy.

Killzone was added in to seem like it wasnt just about MW3.

Get over it child.

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The story is too old to be commented.