Skyrim ebony armor and weapon requirements and ratings

Jamie Pert at Product-Reviews writes: Now that some of you are making good progress playing Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim we thought we would bring together information from a few sources regarding Ebony Armor and Ebony Weapons. Everything you need to know about crafting these items etc can be seen via the link.

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SITH2609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

I love deadric armor and weapons too much to bother with ebony armor. To get the hearts I go to mehruns shrine (must do deadric quest first to gain access). You can get 4 hearts and about 5-6 ebony ingots. With that you can make a legendary great sword. 5 for the sword and 1 ingot for the legendary.

Bolts2609d ago

My problem with Deadric armor is that it looks like it escaped from an anime MMO game.