The Rocksmith Journals, Week One

Twinfinite writer vApathyv begins a weekly feature documenting his time spent with Rocksmith, exploring its existence as both a game and a learning tool. Can this game turn somebody into a bonafide guitar-playing badass?

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ironwolf2521d ago (Edited 2521d ago )

I've played around with this a bit over the last week and I think it does show some potential.
It does have at least one issue: the game has some difficulty adjusting its gain to a guitar with Fender type single coil pickups. There are no problems, however with humbuckers or P90s.

Game play will be familiar to anyone who has played one of the "plastic guitar" games, but in this case, at least some of the music (or noise in the case of rank beginners) coming out of the speakers is you playing guitar. For real.

I would recommend this to someone looking to learn some guitar basics or learning to hack out some familiar tune's, but as it doesn't teach any of the fundamentals of reading music or of improvisation, don't expect it to make a "real" musician out of you.