Comic: Tower defense doesn't belong in Assassin's Creed

Mike Minotti: Someone at Ubisoft decided that Assassin's Creed needed more tower defense. This person was very, very wrong. Look, all I want is to stab some throats and scale some towers when I'm playing Assassin's Creed: Revelations. You don't need to muddy the experience with annoying side missions built around entirely different genres. Besides, the whole scenario doesn't seem to fit a group of assassins. I can only imagine how Ezio's subordinates feel about the situation.

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Sadie21002524d ago

I think Ezio needs to show these two his sword.

SybaRat2524d ago


redDevil872524d ago

One of the dumbest additions to any game this generation.

They clearly added it because they added hardly anything at all to Revelations.

Whoever thought of this idea should be slapped lol.

Berserk2524d ago

Tower defense? Doesn't it go against the whole idea of an Assassin?

PhantomT14122524d ago

I had participated in focus group/playtest sessions of the game during last summer but I didn't bought the game yet. In the version I played, Ezio could just give orders and not fire any weapon (which has been pointed out by a fellow tester): is it still the case? I thought I saw a vid where he was firing his gun.

AlienFodder2524d ago

Ezio can fire his gun and some big cannon as well. Not very assassin-like, if you ask me. :)