Parents warned not to buy games for online use this Christmas

Addict of Fiction writes:
"In what is either a super fear or a reasonable warning, a local newspaper have warned parents that getting video games for a child’s Christmas present may not be the best idea"

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Venjense2523d ago

Who cares, just make sure your kid never divulges any personal info on the net/Live, shouldn't they already know that.

Kran2523d ago (Edited 2523d ago )

That's fine then. MORE SKYRIM FOR EVERYONE.... OVER THE AGE.....

Although if you're over the age... whats the harm in online play? :/

Hapimeses2523d ago

Gods alive! So much FUD. Educate your children; problem solved.

gcolley2523d ago

these articles still give exposure (no pun intended) they just go overboard

Zichu2523d ago

They shouldn't stop kids from enjoying themselves, but parents should put rules in place while they are online, just so they know not to do it.

My sister is only 10 and she plays online, my dad already told her not to give out any personal details, etc. My sister hasn't done it. My dad did it with me and I've turned out alright and I play online games all the time.

CustardTrout2523d ago

As I said, I think it should be with the parents.

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