How to shake up the Call of Duty franchise

Call of Duty is one of the most successful entertainment properties of all time. What if it goes stale?

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Sadie21002520d ago

I would love to see a futuristic COD. That'd be a good fit for Respawn, too.

brish2520d ago

How about making it a futuristic role playing game. That would shake up the franchise!!

SybaRat2520d ago

I've got an idea. Totally destroy one of the studios making COD. That might have an impact.

tigertron2520d ago (Edited 2520d ago )

- Create a new engine, or at least improve upon the current one.
- Improve the graphics
- Sort out the hackers
- Sort out the lag
- Add some destructible environments like BF
- Add vehicles like choppers, tanks and jeeps.
- Don't have annual sequels
- Include beta tests

etc etc

SnakeCQC2520d ago

the old engine has been tweeked to its limits this was made very apparent in mw3

CYBERSNAKE2520d ago (Edited 2520d ago )

Wouldn't that make it too much like Battlefield 3?

hennessey862520d ago

so basically waht everyone wants is two battlefields to play, its stupid. If like a hell of alot of people you like cod play it, if you like battlefield then play that.

tigertron2520d ago

Perhaps, but lets face it...COD has no destructible environments and thats not fun. I'm not saying it should be exactly like BF in that aspect, but to have some sort of destruction would be nice.

Vehicles is a great thing for FPS games, Halo has them and other games do too, so its not like the only FPS with vehicles is BF.

Everything else I've listed is common sense i.e. sorting out the lag, hackers and introducing beta tests. I know COD4 had a beta test, but it was only available to 360 users at the time, and I don't believe any COD has had a beta test since.

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