Sony: "It would be "undesirable" for PS4 to launch significantly later than the competition".

"Having given Microsoft a year's head start in the current generation, PlayStation Europe boss Jim Ryan said it would be "undesirable" for PS4 to repeat that for the next-generation."

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Dante1122524d ago (Edited 2524d ago )

Wow, I guess Sony won't launch it's console after Microsoft launches it's console. Bring on the next gen consoles!

MaideninBlack2524d ago

Bring on a second job. Can't wait to see how pricey software will be next gen.

RBLAZE19882524d ago (Edited 2524d ago )

it won't be that expensive trust me...max $350-400

DarkTower8052524d ago (Edited 2524d ago )

Well, bluray drives are not pricey like when the PS3 launched. I also read an article that the PS4 will be using a cell based chip again, which will again be cheaper than the PS3's. I think the big cost will come from the RAM, but still, I don't think we will be seeing $600+ consoles. Realistically, I think it will be $349-$400 range.

TheBlackMask2524d ago

I doubt the PS4 will be that expensive

Sony has learnt their mistake with the PS3 price, look at the PSV they've learnt their lesson

Plus the whole reason the PS3 was expensive in the first place was that Sony invested in the tec behind it, especialy blu ray which at the time was expensive.

darthv722524d ago

now the trick is timing the release to coincide with games that are really ready to showcase the new tech.

It is by no surprise that some (if not most) of the launch titles are recast ones from the previous system that had not been released. The question of do we finish the game and release it to current owners or hold off, add some pizzaz and make it appear to be a launch title for the new system.

There are advantages to launching last. You can see what the others have done and find ways to improve on your product. There are also disadvantages such as first to market grabs the attention. Everything from there becomes viewed as look at us we are here too.

Whoever launches first or last does not matter to me. I'm in it for the games and I wil pick up one over the other because of some game that catches my eye but in the end, before the gen is over, i will have them all.

C_Menz2524d ago

@DarkTower. RAM won't cost much. Retail 8gb of RAM for the PC is around $40. You figure that they would buy in bulk, so non-retail 8gb RAM cost would be around $20-$30 and then bulk prices lower that slightly as well.

So if they do decide to future proof next gen consoles with 8gb of RAM it will not effect the price at all.

JOLLY12524d ago

I don't get it. Why are you guys talking about hardware, when Maiden is talking about software?

egidem2524d ago

Clearly Sony saw what happened with the PS3 when they arrived on the market late, expensive with very few games. They're obviously not going to repeat the same thing!

Bereaver2524d ago

Wait, you guys are talking about prices of hardware but MaideninBlack clearly said software price.

Should be the same as now, I don't think they will increase it very much, if any.

BubloZX2524d ago

yeah I believe the PS4 will use a more refined version of the cell processor. and since programing for the cell has been completed and Sony now owns all right to cell tech. They now can run a quad cell machine which in turn they will have no use for a graphics card made by someone else. The ps3 was suppose to run 2 cell chips and 0 graphic cards but they werent cheap enough to produce they had to turn to nVidia to make the RSX. The PS4 is looking to be all profit for Sony next time around. and I believe they can do it at $300 price tag

RememberThe3572524d ago

Expect an other 10$ jump here in the states. 70 bucks for a video game people, thats where we're headed.

jivah2523d ago

i hate when people refer to ram as being cheap. or 4-8 gigs for 40bucks.. which is not the case. and what they fail to realize is that the ps3 doesnt have that crappy slow ass ram thats in a computer. it uses xdr ram. which is way faster

if anything in the ps4 would make it expensive itll be ram and gpu as sony is rumored to reuse cell tech

NarooN2523d ago (Edited 2523d ago )

@Dark Tower, I doubt the RAM will be the most expensive since high-quality RAM is still hella cheap nowadays. The most expensive will most likely be the GPU they use.

inb4 XDR RAM lolol

Yeah PS3 had 256MB of GDDR3 RAM and 256MB of XDR RAM. Even that stuff doesn't cost a million per stick, the most expensive part would still be the GPU or CPU.

steve30x2523d ago

@jivah : You must not have a clue what ram is needed for in a computer and console if you think that the speed of the ram is all that matters.

blumatt2523d ago

Well they've definitely learned a lot since the PS3's launch. The Vita is proof of that. It's easy to develop for, it's priced right, and has all the necessary features like cross game chat and, more importantly, a party system.

The PS4 will be a beast, I'm sure. It'll have a minimum of 4GB of RAM (maybe 8GB). It'll run on an enhanced Cell-based architecture with maybe 2 or 3 Cell chips (Possibly 4), each with 8 SPU's. It'll likely have a great GPU. It'll have a much faster bluray drive capable of quad layer discs with 100GB capacity or more. It'll also probably run Apps and be able to multitask and do things like video editing and uploading gameplay videos to Youtube.

And developers won't have any excuses to say it's hard to develop for either. If they haven't figured out the Cell by the time the PS4 comes out, then it's safe to say they are truly lazy. Just look at developers of Battlefield 3 and the devs. of Portal 2 (Valve). They've taken the time to learn how to develop for the PS3 and will be ready when the PS4 comes out.

And I think the PS4 will end up costing $400, at least I hope so.

papashango2523d ago

well it's good to see that found some meaning in that humble pie that they got served.

In the end only things will come to gamers from that mindset.

launching a product with the mindset that people will get a 2nd job could have been a death sentence. could have, but their experience in business in general pulled through for them.

jivah2523d ago


uhh no. i know what ram is for i been building pcs for more than 10 years. back when ramdrives existed.... i know its not all about speed. and i never implied that. and actually xdr runs at a slower clock speed but enables it to do more than lets say 512mb of ddr3 due to having a throughput for data rates.. thats double data rate versus octal data rate

but xdr is significantly more expensive than regular ram used in pcs cause rambus definitely wants royalties for that. soo 4 gigs will be somewhat pricey and if used sony would probably go with xdr2

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Misterhbk2524d ago

my body is ready Sony! I'm definitely grabbing a PS4 day one. This coming console gen will be the first that I'm able to get consoles day one and I'm definitely going to. Vita is day -7 and PS4 will be day 1 as well. I can't wait!

Rage_S902524d ago

The church of Sony is taking in new recruits for the coming war. Apply now in the N4G forums and prove yourself worthy.

NEW-AGE2523d ago (Edited 2523d ago )

Your getting the VITA DEC 10... WTF im Angry

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BitbyDeath2524d ago

Since Wii U is releasing next year then that should be pretty much confirmed for a 2012/2013 release.

Bring it on!

Fylus2524d ago (Edited 2524d ago )

I think Sony is aiming more at Microsoft with this statment, not Nintendo. Don't expect to see a PS4 release until a couple more years. While I do expect the Wii U to sell VERY well, I don't see Sony considering the Wii U as Competition. For example, everyone I know who owns a PS3, also owns a Wii. That example can't be a completely accurate statement for the masses, but it seems like it could very well be.

BitbyDeath2524d ago

You are probably right but i will remain hopeful. :-)

GraveLord2524d ago

They will launch later, they just don't want the Xbox 720 to get too much steam. So I'd say PS4 will launch at the most 6 months later than Xbox 720.

So Vita launches February 22, 2012 in the States.
The earliest a PS4 would launch is February 22, 2013.

christoph2032523d ago

lets hope the last guardian launches before the ps4 comes out lol

FACTUAL evidence2524d ago

Ps4 will be 500 US dollars max. Bet on that one.

morkendo232523d ago (Edited 2523d ago )

dont know the ins-outs of hardware but MARK my words ps4 game price WILL!! be 70.00 plus tax 74.95

as ps3 games 59.99-64.95

im sure most of Ps4 games will also be in 3D
cant wait for 3D action of duty4, battlefield company4, uncharted4,ratchet an clank,little big plant 3 to name a few.... ALL IN 3D.

Slugg3r2523d ago

I don't believe it will be that much expensive to develope games for PS, if it uses Cell. People are already familiar with it. And if Sony abandons Cell they will propably go Vita's way and look at Vita it's the most easiest Playstation to develop from what I've heard.

jivah2523d ago (Edited 2523d ago )

i wouldnt mind paying 450 for a ps4 day 1. hopefully games dont go up to 69.99 though

yabhero2523d ago

WiiU support 3D for all games too

lelo2play2523d ago (Edited 2523d ago )

Sony said a few years back something like...

"The next generation starts when we say so"

now they say ...

"It would be "undesirable" for PS4 to launch significantly later than the competition"

how humble they became ! I guess now they have competition !

As a consumer, I'm happy there is more competition.

showtimefolks2523d ago

AS a long time sony fan i don't think its up to sony this time around either i see ps4 coming a full year after the next xbox.

no one is talking but i think MS will launch their new console in 2012 just to be in the market before sony and what's looking like nintendo. Reports are that wii-u won't launch world wide till early 2013 but will launch in japan in late 2012.

I rather have sony come in 2014 with a little bit of a future proof system tan just get in the market because theyr want to be out the same time as others.

Look at how well ps3 has done even though it was 600 and came one full year after xbox360 and now 1.5 million gap so take your time and make a great system again.

minimum 4-6 gb ram
updated version of the cell
faster bluray drive
better built in wifi
and for ps4 it has to play games from ps3 so don't cheap out there

all you guys who want a new console what would be a new console if its only minor upgrades how about we wait another 2 years and actually move the tech forward a bit by console standards

Corax2523d ago

I would like it if Sony keep up the tradition of launching it's console last. They've been last every time since the first Playstation. Save the best for last as they would say.

lelo2play2523d ago (Edited 2523d ago )

The Xbox was launched after the PS2, and was a much better machine (hardware) then the PS2... but the PS2 had the games.

zero_cool2523d ago

Because there's still plenty of performance left to squeeze out of the playstation 3 & ways to integrate 3D,move & vita together in creative ways in games alone.

P.S...real gamers open their minds to the possibilities & don't complain but go to these places below to express it.....

Cheers Gamers & Happy Gaming!

joab7772523d ago

I am afraid we r gonna see a minimal upgrade, a console w better specs. I think Microsoft should release a gaming computer that rivals the PC. It will come w a windows 8, Xbox os hybrid w the ability to upgrade. I think Sony should go all digital, sinking money into the best specs possible. It will b cheaper to build and sell and games could b sold cheaper. It is a risk but imagine if one game was $20 cheaper on one system.

How long will consoles stand up to PC's w new specs ...2-3 yrs? There needs to b a revolution of sorts...and it wont happen.

jivah2523d ago (Edited 2523d ago )

as long as its highly specced i dont care lol

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DonaldBeck2524d ago

good move sony. ps4 day 1.

DA_SHREDDER2524d ago

I hope they are ready and it's not 2007 all over again.

TheFallenAngel2524d ago (Edited 2524d ago )

What about 2007? I was playing the hell out of my ps3 with Resistance FOM and then COD 4.

egidem2524d ago

The PS3 launch was pretty bad for them. They had a piece of powerful hardware that arrived on the market late, expensive, hard to develop for and with little games available at launch.

Looking at how the PS Vita launch is shaping up to be, I say they've done tremendous improvements /learned lessons.

Kudos to them for giving indie developers free dev kits. They've already built up a large portfolio of 1st party studios so that they can launch READY with enough games and more on the way all thanks to making the platform developer friendly.

Best of all, they got the price point just right and they also paid attention to connectivity features and online features in the console. In fact they did the opposite of what they did with the PS3 launch. This is what they're doing with the PS Vita alone.

I certainly believe that the PS4 will also include in more improvements over the Vita, but one thing is for sure: this will not be another 2007!

NEW-AGE2523d ago (Edited 2523d ago )

the M$ 1080 is probrably going to Turn The Whole System Unbearinly Bright Red , and Scream "Volcanic MeltDown".. .. Cant wait to get a launch from them again , Micro$oft screwed them selves with the XboX two X's in there name in Japan they should drop the name and call it the Micro$oft 3 in japan , MikroKit 3

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Venjense2524d ago

Whoever launches after should see what the other's specs are, match'em and just add a bit more memory so all multiplats look better on it.

Wizziokid2524d ago

that wasn't the only fault with the PS3s launch, it was to expensive also. they need to remember that for the PS4, if they make it too expensive compared to the nextbox, people will go for the nextbox unless the PS4 offers some features that the nextbox doesn't (like blu-ray this gen)

NYC_Gamer2524d ago

plus the 3rd party launch software ran horrible compared to the 360....PS4 needs to be easy to program for non first party studios.