RoboAwesome's Rayman Origins | Review (PS3)

Lucas of write, "It has been a long time since a game has piqued my interest, raised my expectations, met said expectations and then blew them clear out of the water promptly upon release. Simply put, Rayman Origins is a masterpiece. Everything that has happened to the role of 2D platformers in the medium since New Super Mario Bros. Wii has led up to this game. Every single godforsaken Rabbids game Rayman fans have had to see mercilessly drag our poor limbless hero’s name into the mud over the years has been made up for. Hell, I haven’t felt this gleeful playing a video game since I booted up Super Mario Galaxy, and I practically soiled myself when Donkey Kong Country Returns was announced. Rayman Origins is that good. Michel Ancel is a genius, and Ubisoft needs to give him carte blanche on everything he ever does in the future in return for him graciously presenting humanity with this video game. Okay, I might be willing to admit that I’m falling into exaggeration due to how flabbergasted I am by Rayman Origins, but it really is a brilliant game. Buy it, ASAP."

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Moduserous2613d ago

I'm sad to admit I've never played a Rayman game.

MariaHelFutura2613d ago

Rayman for the DC was top notch.

Sidology2613d ago

I want this game soooooooo bad. ;-;

blackburn102613d ago

I played the DEMO ten times so far. That is how much I want this game.

AronDeppert2613d ago

Really love what little bit I've played so far.