SystemLink's Vita media compilation - part 1

Following the announcement of new launch titles and other interesting information regarding the Playstation Vita, we thought it may be a good idea to compile all the media Sony have released today to go alongside the announcement.

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PhilipLarkin2547d ago

All in one place - nice. It's a good line-up, thought none of them really appeal to me personally.

Bathyj2546d ago

You can play any PS3 game by remote play, is that correct?

It would be worth getting a Vita just to play Skyrim at work.

Parapraxis2546d ago

The vita has a first party line-up that is unparalleled. I can't think of any gaming system that has launched with so many great titles.
And this is just the 1st party games, i'm stoked to see what the 3rd party devs will have to offer at launch.
With the early deployment of the dev kits, surely there will be a good number of 3rd party titles to accompany Sonys 1st party titles at launch.
I am not a huge portable guy, bought a pspgo less than a year ago so I could watch TV shows on my lunch breaks, played a few games through.
The difference with the Vita is that the controls are great (dual analog is a must imo), the visuals are top notch and the features are great (Skype over 3g is a main seller for me).
I'm already sold on Vita (if my overly-zealous words above didn't already indicate). If the rumours of being able to play any/all PS3 games on the system are true than I can't imagine any hardcore gamer passing this machine up.

MasterCornholio2545d ago

There are people on N4G who hate the remote play feature of the vita. Because according to them portables shouldn't be able to play full console games on the go because those games are much better on the big screen. But the reason why that path of logic fails horribly is because you can't drag around your TV and PS3 everywhere you go. This is why I am looking forward to this feature and hopefully you wont need a super fast WiFi connection to be able to use it.

I honestly can't wait to play Skyrim on the go or Darksouls with this portable.


NukaCola2543d ago (Edited 2543d ago )

I can't wait to see if Skyrim will run on Vita through remote play.

Really want to see Fallout 3/New Vegas ported over with Vita features like aiming with sixaxis and touchscreen PSP (want this so bad after seeing the pipboy-like thing in the Killzone Vita demo vid)