Skyrim: These Brutal Finishing Moves On A Dragon Looks Amazing [PICS]

GB:"Skyrim's an awesome game, and those of you who read our review must already know how much we love it. But you know what's so awesome about it? It's got random dragon battles. Dra-frigging-gons. And they're not easy to beat, you know. Since, well, they're dragons."

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MysticStrummer2521d ago

They're actually too easy to beat.

rdgneoz32521d ago

Try fighting the Elder Dragons on harder difficulty. Also, any fight can be easy on lower difficulties or if you cheese it.

BattleTorn2521d ago

Question: Are there one-handed dragon finishing moves? Ever since I gave up two-handed, I haven't seen a finishing move on dragon.

And now that I'm thinking about... Are ther Magic finishing moves at all?

Voxelman2521d ago

There are one-handed finishers, the dragon ones look stupid tho.

The closest thing for magic is locked away at the end of the destruction talent tree.

SnakeCQC2521d ago

ive never got a finishing move on a dragon with any weapon or magic (maxed out destruction a while ago) is there any special condition to meet for them to work?

Voxelman2520d ago

not really they are just random as far as I know, and the magic one I was thinking of is the disintegrate perk, that is kinda like a finisher in that it's a kill effect that differs from the standard death...

Voxelman2521d ago

I hate the brutal finishing moves on dragons TBH, takes to long and just looks goofy the animation never quite matches up so usally you just watch you char slashing at thin air right beside the dragon's head for a few secconds.

After killing a dozzen of them I just feel like it's wasting time I could be using picking up brooms...