Why Motorstorm RC's "pay once, get both" strategy shows bright future for Vita

VGW: It is something gamers have drooled over for years: The possibility of playing an HD console game in their living room, and continuing it on the go via a handheld device. While many franchises (Dragon Age, Assassin’s Creed) have augmented our experience with Facebook entries that hook into the main game somehow — be it adding experience or items — it looks like the synergy between the Playstation 3 and Playstation Vita may finally make this dream a reality.

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NukaCola2610d ago (Edited 2610d ago )

That is good to know. I really want RUNE, so I hope it does the same. I'll buy it on PSN and then be able to play it on the go as well. I guess that means transferable saves for MC RC too? And is it true this isn't using crossplay, cause I thought I read it will somewhere, like how Ruin and WipEouT will.

killcycle2610d ago

For me, the only thing putting me off of the Vita is having to buy games twice particularly Street Fighter X Tekken.

I really want it on both but ain't willing to pay twice and when i saw this on the Blog i was so excited.

darthv722610d ago (Edited 2610d ago )

Question. Isnt the current model for PS1 and Mini's for the PSP/PS3 the same thing?

GraveLord2610d ago

I know Motorstorm RC has "buy once get both". Not sure if others will have this.

fluffydelusions2610d ago

I want to know if FIFA 12 vita will allow for MP with PS3 users. Anyone know?

Solidus187-SCMilk2610d ago

This is AWESOME news to me. This is actually the #1 feature that I was wanting from the vita.

Im sure there will be many games that you can pay for once and DL on your PS3 and play on both. I really think that there will be alot of games, especially PSN games, that should be able to do this. Especially after a bit, we should be seeing more and more games that oyu can DL and play on PS3 or PSV. It could also help sales as people could get the games over more than 1 platform.

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Ddouble2610d ago

I'm expecting Ruin and Dragon's Crown to have the same deal. That would probably make them an instant buy for me.

MizTv2610d ago

i like it i like it alot

MasterCornholio2610d ago

Yep I love that a lot of games re getting this treatment. Hope the same thing happens to the MGS collection because transfarring sound great.