BioWare explain lack of multiplayer in Mass Effect 1 and 2

IncGamers: They wanted to wait until the "setting" was right.

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zeal0us2521d ago

Mass effect 1&2 didnt need multiplayer to me

NukaCola2521d ago

None of the series needs it. I am curious though. It seems they are going in a new direction here. Still no so sure of the outcome, but totally hopeful. As long as the SP is not touched at all, and no 10000 Kill Online Deathmatch trophy/achievement, I'll be cool I think.

Vaud-Villian2521d ago

It's all co op. think mass effect horde mode. It's not needed, but it will add 12+ hours to my copy of the game so I do not mind.

Dark_Overlord2521d ago

AKA we had to so EA can implement an online pass :/

TheTwelve2521d ago

It occurred to me today that this is EXACTLY why there is multiplayer in the game. Right on.


GoldenGamer2521d ago

Are you stupid or is this a joke? Mass Effect 2 had no online but had an online pass in the sense with the cerberus network?

PS360WII2521d ago

Well Mass Effect 2 does have EA printed on it... cerberus network / online pass same thing.

grahf2521d ago

You sir, beat me to the exact same comment. Bubbles for thou!

BDSE2521d ago

Errrrrrrr they had the cerberus network pass in Mass Effect 2, they're doing it because EA has to shoehorn mp into everything.

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DonaldBeck2521d ago

i bought this game yesterday on my ps3, and in no way does it need mp, it would take from the experience of deep space travel ect. the same way im playing dark souls offline first because i want that trapped, doomed feling and i want to feel i beat the game on my own.

nasstyngg3r2422521d ago

i played onli mass effect 1 on xbox 360 it was a little flawed but overall a really good game that imo dnt need multiplayer im gonna buy part 2 for my ps3 and wheneva 3 comes out ill get it

tigertron2521d ago

Definatly buy ME2, its one of the best games I've ever played.

BDSE2521d ago

Translation: EA told us to do it.

It'll be rubbish.

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