Tech Heads: Batman: Arkham City Review

As kids we all found something that we loved and latched onto. Few of these great loves last, but mine has after all these years. From the time I saw my first episode of the animated series to now as I write this review, my love of Batman has never waned.

Batman: Arkham City starts out about a year after the end of Batman: Arkham Asylum. Warden-turned-Mayor Quincy Sharp has shut down the Asylum as well as Blackgate Facility, and put all the prisoners into a blocked off section of the slums of Gotham. This enclosed area is now called Arkham City. Sharp gives control of the city to Dr. Hugo Strange, who seems to be somehow controlling the mayor. As Batman becomes increasingly worried about the events unfolding, he manages to sneak into Arkham City to see what is really happening behind the scenes.

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