So what’s in store for Gold Members with the new Xbox dash that’s actually free?

December 6th launches Microsoft’s latest update to the Xbox 360 dashboard. Bringing with it not just a new look, but a much heavier focus on apps. If you think it the new dashboard looks an awful lot like a Windows phone, it’s not a coincidence. Metro, the new style is something that Microsoft is bringing over to all of its products, including the upcoming Windows 8. Sure, some apps on the new dashboard are going to require a subscription similar to Netflix, but what can GOLD members look forward to for free? Let’s take a look at what that $60 a year is getting us.

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fluffydelusions3433d ago

"the new Xbox dash that’s actually free"

Did I miss something or did Xbox users have to pay for a dashboard at some point?

2v13432d ago


Ulf3432d ago (Edited 3432d ago )

The poster is alluding to the fact that many things you "get" with your $60 subscription typically cost even more money.

The end result of that statement, is drawing an analogy between XBL Gold and its counterpart PSN+ -- the latter of which provides a bunch of free stuff and discounts, for the annual $50 fee. XBL Gold does not provide the same sorts of discounts, outside of early downloads or betas, really. The comparison is valid, because the article is *about* value.

This aspect of the article is undoubtedly going to cause a heated debate -- but its not trolling. Consumer value is a completely valid topic of discussion, even if some folks to choose get upset about it.

In any case, the article is pointing out what good stuff/services XBLG does get you for free -- and there's some worthy stuff in there. It's worth a read, if you were considering getting XBL Gold, but were concerned about its value.

theonlylolking3432d ago

Is it trolling if I say most of those new things added can be done on the PS3 right now?

If so then this title should be also. It is implying that free is rare for gold members.

Ulf3432d ago (Edited 3432d ago )


"Is it trolling if I say most of those new things added can be done on the PS3 right now?"

No. Comparative analysis, and noting that other services offer the same for less (or free), when considering value of a service like XBL Gold, is not trolling.

It would only be "considered" trolling by the XBox mafia, looking to safeguard their interests against fair competition. The same thing is true of any comparison which appears to favor one service over a competitor.

Saying something like "but PS3 has more exclusives" would be trolling, in this thread, since this thread isn't about game selection. Suggesting "I find XBL service is more reliable", wouldn't be, because reliability is part of the service.

"If so then this title should be also. It is implying that free is rare for gold members"

Implying that XBL Gold subscribers get too few things for free, relative to the competition (the word "rare" implies that there is some sort of standard outside of XBL Gold), is also not trolling, with regards to this topic -- it is a valid point of concern.

dark-hollow3432d ago

there is a weekly discounts and deals for xbox live users plus ALL xbla games have free demos free to download

Godmars2903432d ago

Think the point is is there anything free for Silver accounts.

hellvaguy3432d ago

I could be off, but I'm pretty sure gold members are paying to play online and have cross game chat. Nothing to do at with what the dash looks like.

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Venjense3432d ago

I wouldn't be surprised if MS eventually charged for newer versions of console OSs eventually.

Noticeably_FAT3432d ago

Look at the tract record of Microsoft and Sony, Microsoft never took out OS, Backwards Compatibility or USB ports, Microsoft actually gave people more value with their slim downed console.

I absolutely hate fools that act like Microsoft is the only company that charges, it's a business.

Grimhammer003432d ago

True. But they just started the whole skus mess and created the whole issue of pay-to-play on consoles.

Adding hdmi grudgingly and stifling their games by sticking to DVD, I'd also say is a valid negative.

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yesmynameissumo3432d ago

Other OS is a soapbox used by people who never used the feature, but want something to bitch about. The 360 emulated BC for a select group of titles, none of which anyone plays or bitches about not being able to play. Why? They're playing 360 games, like PS3 owners are playing PS3 games. USB ports is a non issue when any USB hub off the shelf works.

I'd rather my console have built in wifi and HDMI from jump...rather than waiting 5yrs for a hardware revision to include them. Two sides to that street man.

dark-hollow3432d ago

if you want the marketplace, music store, video store they are the FIRST tile in every line of squares so you teh ads wont bother you so much.

besides 95% of the ads are relevant to the users like video games ads, movie ads. etc.

Hicken3432d ago

As for the first example, there is nothing comparable on the 360.

For the second, the backward compatibility that IS included in the 360 is considerably limited, though it is still there. At the same time, backward compatibility still exists in ALL PS3s, though not for PS2 games. How quickly people forget that one. Additionally, a working PS2 is a lot easier to find than a comparable xbox.

As to the third, it's a shame, yes, and is the only valid point you bring up. Still, like Other OS and backward compatibility, it wasn't something that was frequently used, and removing it brought down production costs which, you guessed it, brought down retail prices.

Microsoft isn't the only company that charges, but given it's proprietary everything that's required for your system, it makes sense that they'd catch flak for it.

That aside, people would probably complain less about XBL if you could actually get online and USE YOUR INTERNET and YOUR MULTIPLAYER ASPECT OF YOUR GAME without having to pay Microsoft for it. Even if you only got the demos of games and betas and whatnot through the paid version.

nasstyngg3r2423432d ago (Edited 3432d ago )

well sony removed the other o/s from the hackers microsoft never had something soo complexed in thier system, usb ports? seriously? you guys need them for those 4gig 360 not one single ps3 comes with such low space NEVER,psn online play is free and i have ps plus which give FREE games every week and the ability to play lots of games for a hour free or charge cloud storage i have a internet browser everytime i earn a trophie it goes to my social pages for free sooo from 2006 to now sony still gives more to the gamers. IMO since that make you guys feel better but i think its a fact oh and i forgot about ps home and the new update it got killer more free shiz games and full length movies GTFO anyone bashing sony they are a great company very thoughtfull.

DebateMaster3432d ago

Yet it still doesnt match the value of the ps3...

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Noticeably_FAT3432d ago


The point is Microsoft actually added to the value of their slim, unlike Sony.

Also, Sony hyped Backwards Compatibility, then took it away, then decided to shove HD remakes down peoples throats in a way to make a quick buck.

The USB ports is an issue, it's simply more things Sony decided to take out. The OS is something I used actually, one of the things I really enjoyed about the PS3 at launch.

They also took out the ability to use things like Monster Cables in the newer models of PS3's, just another thing they took from their customers.

Also, I will point out that the original Xbox only had 4 years of games and about 1000 of them are playable on the Xbox 360, I still play them from time to time. Sony still makes PS2 and they still make games for the PS2, so taking out BC was just a cheapskate attempt at keeping interest in people buying PS2's as well as PS3's.

Sony is also charging for PSN+ but you never really get anything, you rent content and it's basically a test to see who will pay next generation for premium service.

If anything lately, Sony is the company milking people dry. To each

yesmynameissumo3432d ago

And MS avoided making all Xbox games BC so they could sell you digital versions on Games on Demand. I used OtherOS and when YDL and Ubuntu and the various other kernels continued to run like shit, it became obvious it was a nice feature...on paper. USB isn't an issue in my mind. I have a cam plugged into 1 USB and nothing else. Why? I stream off my SAN. PS+ is fine and offers plenty. I don't bitch at Netflix I can't keep the movies I'm streaming. Yeah, the guys NOT charging you for Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and to be able to use your already paid for Netflix are milking people dry. To each indeed.

kreate3432d ago

'The point is Microsoft actually added to the value of their slim, unlike Sony. '

what do u mean?

sony also added value.

cheaper price point, 3d, increase in psn functionality while remaining free, 60gb hdd went to 320gb hdd, free games via HOME, etc

baodeus3432d ago (Edited 3432d ago )


here is a list of BC xbox on 360. What do u mean avoided making "all" xbox games BC? Exaggerated much?

1. The digital versions on demand are in the BC list so you don't need to rebuy them if you already have the disc. You make it sound like they intentionally reserve the best xbox games to make money (*looking at Sony HD remakes*), which lead to my next points.

2. BC includes pretty much all favorite xbox games: halo (1,2), fable, jade empire, ninja gaiden, KOTOR, project gotham, elder scroll morrowind, splinter cell....

3. even many of the most underrated gems are on there: phantom dust, panza dragoon orta, crimson skies, jet set radio, psychonaunt are also BC. There are very few missing like OTogi for example (you can probably count them with your finger).

3. Sony firmly said BC is their priority when PS3 launch, so what happen after that, it got remove and repackages and renamed "HD" to make more money (gow, ICO/SOTC, etc...). Didn't they even have like a couple of god of war series HD remake? What am i suppose to do with the large ps2 games collection that i have?

I caught you lying since you forgot to do your homework.

This generation sucks, have moderation gone extinct or something?

PS. I'm gonna get a couple of disagree out of angry troll/fanboy. Only with moderation, level headed, supporting evidences and leave your fanboy goggles at home would you stand a chance in arguing with me.

yesmynameissumo3432d ago (Edited 3432d ago )


1. Like Halo? It's no one's fault but Microsoft's they don't have a wealth of Xbox games to remake/remaster. That list of BC games is 1/10 the library and again, no one is really upset they can't play Blinx because they wouldn't play it anyways.

2. Good for you. Seeing as that's all on the BC list that's worth playing.

3. Again, great.

4. 5yrs ago, before launch Sony had BC playing a role. That changed. It's not like this is something new. If you have a large PS2 library, you probably have a PS3 that's BC or a PS2 or both (like me). I play PS2 games on a PS2. I know, it's a shock to think of doing such a thing, but it works pretty damned well. Of course, HD gaming has spoiled me to the point of not wanting to play SD games in letterbox.

You caught who what? You an Internet Matlock? Hahaha, you say that like it matters, even though you clearly have no idea what you're talking about. Enjoy your 6 Xbox games you can play if you have a HDD. Circumstantial BC is grrrrreat!

P.S. 4 comes after 3.

Ulf3432d ago (Edited 3432d ago )

"The point is Microsoft actually added to the value of their slim, unlike Sony."

Yes, but really the fact of the matter is that Sony's platform always had more value, and adding value to the X360S really was just an attempt to achieve more parity.

Nice spin you got going there. Half-truths for the win, eh?

baodeus3432d ago


"And MS avoided making all Xbox games BC so they could sell you digital versions on Games on Demand"

This is what u said no?

I proved what you said is pure BS because the digital games that they put on live (as listed by my previous comment above) are in the BC list. How about you go look it up and show me what original xbox games they put on live that aren't BC? Not too late for you to gain back some credibility go shoo

I think you have mistaken psn for xbox live because that is exactly what Sony is doing with psn, selling digital old games on psn or HD repackaging without the option to use the disc you already owned unless u still have the old ps3 model (60 gig or the 40/80 gig mgs4 bundled?) that works.

I don't have the old ps2 since it is broken (i bought it 3 times already) and perhaps i can ditch out another $100 (new) or $50 [refurbish ps2 (im not too fond of used goods) almost like i'm reluctant to go get another refurbish x360 no matter how cheap they are) for the 4th times, why? I only have the slim ps3.

I still play phantom dust on the x360 (with HDD of course) quite often thank you. It is the best game i ever played, and it has almost unlimited replay value (game is heavily based on strategy and creativity). It is still better than most games this generation for me.

Now if it was on the ps3, i would have to ditch out some money (even if it cost me $100 just for the game) which i would gladly do if that is the only way to get it, but luckily it is on the x360 and it is BC (cry of joy).

I support my argument with evidences which you are sorely lacking on your part, and here i'm the one who don't know what i'm talking about eh? LOL, talks about lack of credibility. How about you go look up the definition for that on the internet or do i have to do that for you as well? I'm not your mother.

Again these same topics are retarded. It seems that no one knows or purposely ignore certain features of the other consoles for the sake of the argument every dam time. How about each side list all the features (positive and negative) from both for comparison? Wouldn't that be more fare and so we can stop this pointless bickering?

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BattleTorn3432d ago

It's free because those who don't pay for Gold membership still have access to the update!

hennessey863432d ago

40 pounds is not alot of mony to be paying for a great service like xboxlive

BattleTorn3432d ago

It's about 1 McDonalds meal every two months.

Grimhammer003432d ago

Let me show you -

A time not too long ago, consoles didn't charge for online play. And during those times games were complete and unlocks we're rewards for completing games.

Also, paying $59.99 a year to simply play online mp is sad. And it was MS that planted that seed into other publishers minds. Now we have online passes ON TOP of LIVE!!!

MMO's had subs before all that, but their argument was constant updates and service to give players non-stop quality. (in theory)

Applying this to other genres feels forced and the benefits are mostly false. Getting maps with paid sub? See PC. Getting skins, old maps with sub? See PC.

I'm constantly amazed what marketing & time does for MS image.

hennessey863432d ago

before xboxlive on a console was on the dreamcast and that was rubbish, xbox live has always been worth the mony since the day it was released. The only people who dont think its worth the money have a thing against microsoft which again is pathetic. Xboxlive is a great service and I pay about 110 of your us dollars in my country

arnyftw3432d ago

Dude I have live, and I've played PS3 and seriously you have a much better connection with live. The money we spend goes into their servers. Also as I've heard Sony been selling their consoles for a loss, not charging for an online service means that they have an even bigger loss. While Microsoft has been making a profit of every single 360 made and live.

arnyftw3432d ago

& Only people who play PS3 would complain about live. Nobody who plays Xbox complains about live.

BitbyDeath3432d ago (Edited 3432d ago )

Would you be okay if MS also added an extra charge onto your electricity bill for using your 360?

That is pretty much what they are doing right now, you are paying for something that you should be getting for free because you are already paying your ISP for the exact same function.

If you don't stand up for it, you will continue to get screwed over your whole life.

Venjense3432d ago

That's kinda true actually.

The devs intended for MP to be part of the $60 purchase, but MS says you can't play what you're already paid for until you pay Microsoft Tax.

drsnobby3432d ago

Aonother failed attempt at journalism on N4G.1st and formost the heading of this awful article gave it away.another flamebait article to get hits and cause all out war on N4G.if gamers had a problem with XBL they would not pay for it.we as gamers have a choice, either pay for XBL or don,t.MS does not force it,s gamers to pay anything,just like PS+ on PSN.this artcle is straight gutter trash,unworthy for the gaming community.i pray for the day that objective journalism rules on N4G,not this everyday tripe we read day in and day out.

Jocosta3432d ago

Then stop reading it, problem solved.