New Ridge Racer Vita screenshots

Namco Bandai released new screenshots of Ridge Racer for Vita.

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NukaCola2525d ago

First trailer I saw didn't impress, but these shots look sexy. Cars look great, sky is amazing. The environments look mixed with a toon/realistic vibe like the scenery in Hot Shots Golf. Overall I like it and I got to say the Vita has more than enough variety right out of the box!

killerhog2525d ago

meh, i much rather prefer asphalt over ridge racer. i played/have asphalt 5 and 6 for my ipod, and i must say im absolutely loving it.

Muffins12232525d ago

Looks okay but not as good as real racing 2 for ipad or iphone...

LOLconsoles2525d ago


Venjense2525d ago

Do people even play these games any more.

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