Some Obscure Black Friday Video Game Deals You May Not Have Seen Yet

These are some Black Friday deals from stores you know, but don't usually go to for games. These popular, household-name stores have some pretty good gaming deals that you'd never expect.

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DarkBlade46582573d ago

I actually went to Kmart last year, and the lines were very minimal, so based on this, it might just end up being my destination this year as well.

RioKing2573d ago

"I actually went to Kmart last year, and the lines were very minimal..."

Haha I really had a nice laugh at that one.

brbobcat2573d ago

Pretty sweet deals on xbox live gold. I can buy a full year for half price

TheSanchezDavid2573d ago

I've got too many games right now to go out and buy more, even if they are at discounted prices. Those who want to save some cash on great games, though, should definitely take advantage!

HowarthsNJ2573d ago

I got an ad from Walmart that shows Batman: AC for $28

lifesanrpg2573d ago

Yea, walmart has ridiculously cheap prices for games. I think best buy does too.

brbobcat2573d ago

Walmart is selling Batman: Arkham City, Battlefield 3, Gears of War 3, Forza 4, FIFA 12, and Madden 12 for $28.