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GR-UK: "Continuing our look at the games that'll define 2012, we pull together the current information on BioWare's latest, our hands-on impressions of co-op, novelisation tie-ins and the story threads dangling from the previous two titles for an all-encompassing look at Mass Effect 3."

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led10902523d ago

My most anticipated would either be Bioshock : Infinite or Diablo 3


ya it's not on my list of most wanted.. not anymore anyway.

Max Power2523d ago

Mine is Final Fantasy vs. XIII. I am confident that next year will be the year.

SephirothX212523d ago

Nah I think GTA V is the most wanted and will be the biggest seller next year.

Kran2523d ago

We don't even know if its out next year. Wait until the year release is announced before you make that judgement.

kasasensei2523d ago

Well, not for me. I'll buy it cause i wanna know how the story ends but i'm pretty sure it will not be in my top5 for 2k12. I was so disappointed by ME2... Beside that, I don't want to buy dlc to get the complete story and features. The shadow broker is the best quest in ME2, I still don't understand how people at Bioware cut it from the game! That's a terrible non-sense!

TheOtherTheoG2523d ago

Cut it from the game? It released 7 or 8 months afterwards, that hardly counts as cutting content.

kasasensei2523d ago

Well, you're obviously not intelligent (or just attentive?) enough to see how this quest is deeply integrated in the main story, how liiara pushes you to help her, almost beg you to find some time to help her uncover the so-called shadow broker in the main game. And you must be terribly blind if you didn't see the gigantic difference in quality, level design, dialog and sound design between this specific epic quest and the others crappy addons of ME2.

TheOtherTheoG2523d ago

Of course the level design, dialog, sound design and general quality of LotSB is far better than that of the quests in the main game, how on earth you deduced that I didn't think that from my post I simply will never know. My point was that you said they cut the Lair of the Shadow Broker quest from the game to sell as DLC, and I said, in effect, they started making the Lair of the Shadow Broker quest about six months after they'd released the game, they didn't cut it from the game. Think of it as a mini sequel or bridging content as opposed to cut content in the way that, say, The Missing Link was cut from DXHR (ie, they left a big gap in the game's storyline to fit it in). I wouldn't be surprised if, originally, they were planning on putting the Shadow Broker questline into ME3, but decided to release it earlier instead.

green2523d ago

Without a doubt, Mass Effect 3 is my most anticipated game of 2012. ME is my best new franchise this gen.

arnyftw2523d ago

The Mass Effect series is overrated. I played 1 and dont have any urges to play 2. They're so many better games out there, I might play 2 now because its cheap. I would never pay full price for a mass effect game. Its not worth it.

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