Australian Law Set to Fine Modchip Users

A legislation was proposed in Australia this week to prohibit the use of devices and services (mod chips) that circumvent Technological Protection Measures or TPM.

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The BS Police5860d ago

Finally the first step to getting rid of modders.

highps35860d ago

lol lets see how they enforce this.

GRUNT5860d ago

At least Austrailia has lead the way hopefully others will follow.

tackleb0x5860d ago

What's the difference between buying a used game, borrowing your friends copy or playing a copied disk with a mod chip?

The Snake5860d ago (Edited 5860d ago )

When buying a used game, the original owner can't play it anymore. They had to make that sacrifice to get money in exchange for the disc. When borrowing a friend's copy, again, your friend can't use it while you have it and therefore had to make that sacrifice. Either way, the publisher and developer got paid for the original sale of the disc.

When buying a copied disc, nobody had to make that sacrifice. The developer and publisher didn't get a cent from the manufacture of the disc and therefore have less money with which to make new fun games. Copying is THEFT of intellectual property and as such should not be tolerated. Basically, copying games hurts the industry as a whole.

Devilpup5860d ago

It would help if games wernt $110 AUD each. Thats 83.03USD for you americans.

So for 5 games thats 550$. Almost enough to buy another console.

If games were more affoardable, or atleast the same cost as it is in america people will buy orignals more and not result to such measures.

I for one am not risking modding mine, but im sure as heck am going to be broke with all these great games coming!

The Snake5860d ago

I hear you there. With all the good games coming out in the next few months even I am going to be broke more than I'd like to admit.