Wipeout Pulse videos are so much better than screenshots

If a picture can say a thousand words, what does a video say? Jeuxvideo has some incredible new videos of the game in motion, and it's clear how the visuals have been improved. The new lighting, the new HUD all look quite sexy. Add Infrastructure support, and you have a worthy successor to the already-incredible Wipeout Pure.

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MaximusPrime_3974d ago

Fatal Inertia watch out! Hide in the bin or seek support from xbox 360. Wipeout is coming!

Great video!

mastershake1003974d ago

i thought it was the psn wipeout

thereapersson3973d ago

Ever since I discovered the cheat in Wipeout XL for the machine gun, i've always wanted them to bring it back in some form. Good to see it's returned in more of a balanced form.