Did Sony Price The PS Vita Too High, Or Just Right

Sony is set to launch their second handheld with the PS Vita in Japan this December, as well as in the U.S. and Europe in February 2012. One major question surrounding the launch though is whether or not Sony price the handheld too high, or just right.

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Wintersun6162525d ago

249$ is definitely not too much for Vita. The launch games already look almost as good if not as good as PS3 launch titles. And as icing on the cake, the launch games are very impressive and there are a lot of appealing games announced to be released after launch too.

For me personally PS Vita's launch lineup, hardware and other features are more compelling than those of 3DS even after considering the difference in price.

Btw, I don't think of phones and tablets as serious competition for dedicated gaming devices when it comes to hardcore games and hardcore gamers. I think I've explained my reasons for this too many times already, though, so I won't go to that now.

Kamikaze1352525d ago

$249.99 would be fine, but we're also being forced to buy memory cards to save our we're really paying at least $279.99

NukaCola2525d ago

I think for what it can do. It's cheap as hell. It does more than almost every tablet and phone put together and for $250-300, that is a steal. I am more than impressed. Just saw a cool app on it that turns anything in the world that looks like aface into a talking face..LIKE THE 3 plug end of a power chord...It's insane. Love this little monster of a system.

TheBlackMask2525d ago

Really....too high

It's basicaly what people were least expecting before the price was actually announced. Honestly we should be grateful that it's this price.

The 3DS was the same price at launch and it had hardly no launch games and inferior tec....didn't see anyone complain at the time.

Ddouble2524d ago

I remember when the NGP was announced with all it's features and everyone was saying it would be at least $350.
Now some are saying it's too expensive?

I think it's just right and there's no point comparing it to consoles that are 5/6 years old.

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