ZTGD: The King of Fighters XIII Review

Drew Leachman writes: I love a good fighting game. It’s in my blood. Pulling off huge combos and mastering a character over the course of hours upon hours is my thing. I always look forward to the newest fighters. Learning the method and competing with other players is just really fun to me. You could probably tell I was really excited to see a new King of Fighters releasing this holiday. Now, I’ll be the first one to tell you, The King of Fighters XII was a decent game, but the online was horrible. As most fighting game fans know, you really can’t have a fighting game without good online net code, but SNK has assured everyone that the new net code for KoF XIII has been reworked. Did they get the online right? Did they add any new features or characters? Get out your invitation for The King of Fighters XIII.

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IGW_Fobia2521d ago

Good review. Not a fighting game person, but KoF13 sounds like one I might try and play.

FrustratedFury2521d ago

It's VERY accessible. It does a good job of showing you the ropes.