Are Video Games And Parenthood Incompatible?

MediaKick: As games get more mature content and gamers get older, the inevitable question arises about the next generation. Some right wing media would have you believe that video games are "death simulators" or "corrupting the minds of our children", but we all know that isn't the case. What is striking though is the way that a lack of understanding for parents regarding what their kids play is the reason behind all the negative news. What lessons could would-be gamer parents learn from their own childhood when they are raising their own children? One gamer explores not only his own childhood, but how he would handle the challenge of parenthood and video games.

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NukaCola2521d ago (Edited 2521d ago )

I stopped reading there. I hate when articles attack any side as if the left would handle this any better.

And for the sake of it all. Yes they are compadible. Be agood parent, monitor your childs intake of media and teach them love, and good human desency and they will grow up to be good people. My daughter is 5 and plays lots of TAG and Leapster. They are educational and fun. I let her dabble in some Flower every now and then and on a rare occation, EYEPET. But she doesn't want to watch TV, she loves her imaginary and stuffed animal friends, books and coloring. When she grows a little more, I will let her start to play approved games, but I want her to be healty and beautiful and smart. The kid does always want to watch Arkham City, though. I got to play that after she sleeps cause it's too mature for her (Odd it's a TEEN Rated game TBH) but the kids loves Batman.

SkirkRidgeEX2512d ago (Edited 2512d ago )

Let me put it to you this way, where would you normally find all the doom and gloom articles about video games? The Guardian, which is left wing, has its own video game section on their website where they report on everything with a certain level of maturity. Right wing media are a mix of mature discussion AND immature conclusion jumping, hence "some"!

As for the rest of your comment, read the article and you'll find it agrees with you in a lot of ways. It is really good to see that your daughter has interests outside of video games and that there is a sense of control about what she sees. That is the encouraging thing that this article was trying to show (if you had read beyond "right wing media") that family values are paramount.