Killzone coming to PlayStation Vita

During the PlayStation Vita Showcase in London yesterday a Sony representative says that Killzone is coming to PlayStation Vita.

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Oldman1002525d ago

This has been known ever since the vita was announced.

NukaCola2524d ago

This showing the on the arm touch buttons really makes me want Fallout on Vita. Touch screen vita and VATS. I would totally love to see Skyrim and Fallout releasable on Vita. I hope that they release a Fallout game on Vita using it and it's features like a PiPBoy. Plus we havent seen any custom themes for the Vita UI, a PiPBOY3000 Theme would be freaking stellar!

BlmThug2524d ago (Edited 2524d ago )

And sex is amazing

Edit: People disagreeing clearly have not experienced any sexual activities which another human was required

killcycle2524d ago

But the aftermath is not.

ginsunuva2524d ago

Or brown. Or yellow. Or bluegrass.

matey2524d ago

who cares theres an original zelda 4 3DS and mach rider unchained and baten kaitos plus Killzone is something you need to play on a 37 inch high end TV not a portable thats not portable that you cant carry around its so big so you end up playing it at home where you might aswell play it on big screen.

Tarantino_Life2524d ago (Edited 2524d ago )

Blah Blah Blah Blah.......STFU

Misterhbk2524d ago

you realize one could also make the assessment that Zelda is meant to be played on a big screen considering it's a big adventure (skyward sword). Or that Mario Kart is meant to be on a home console because it's the superior version, so why play it on a 3inch screen? or that Mario is meant to be played on a big screen because it's the superior version on home consoles as well (mario galaxy.

MasterCornholio2524d ago

Hey it's everyone's favourite Nintendo fanboy. How was your vacation in miyamotos private island. I hope he didn't get frisky with you.

Lol this guy cracks me up almost as much as Yodacrackhead.

Anyways shut up and I hope you get banned soon.


Pacman3212524d ago

Holy shit is that one sentence?

fear882524d ago

You typed all that but all I saw was you butthurt.

blackburn102524d ago

Still singing the same old song huh? Why is it that Nintendo fanboys don't use that type of logic when playing or taking about the 3DS? Why should I buy ANOTHER Mario Kart when I can play the ones on the big screen with a Gamecube or Wii?

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