Diehard GameFAN: Fate/Extra Limited Edition Review

DHGF: Fate/Extra is an enjoyable game, but it’s a game that could have been more than that with some better design choices, as it ends up being a game that is more divisive than it should be. There’s some quality writing and translation in the story, and the visuals and audio are largely pretty good all around. The game is very simple to get into and play but offers some challenge in the actual mechanics thanks to the investigation and rock/paper/scissors systems, and the game offers multiple characters, difficulties, and plot paths to follow that could inspire a player to come back for more once the game is complete. However, the plot is also quite morose and depressing in its actual execution and leaves the player on a low note for most of the experience, and many of the common enemy designs are rather bland compared to basically anything else in the game.

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