Achievement Punter: Al Vimh Tries To Join The COD 4 Mile High Club -StickTwiddlers

An 'achievement guide' from StickTwiddlers' Al Vimh as he tackles the briefly forgotten horror that has resurfaced to haunt him once again. The infamous Call of Duty 4 ‘Mile High Club’ achievement.

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iamnsuperman2522d ago

nice article. I was bored one day so i though how hard can it be. It took me hours.

The Meerkat2522d ago

First twice I got to the end I shot the hostage.

I was not fun to be around when that happened.

BaneWilliams2522d ago

Truthfully, I am yet to complete this achievement, but once every 2-3 months I'll pick it up and try again, before groaning in frustration as I continually fail...




It doesn't matter how good I am at the multiplayer, I am horrible at Mile High Club.

Fez2522d ago

It's not too difficult if you just split it up into sections and practice each bit...

Just make sure to use flash bangs at the right times, reload at the right times and don't waste any bullets.

Dazel2522d ago

Pmsl! I did the same after about 5hrs of trying. Rage quit doesn't describe how pissed I was. I did beat it in the end but worked out it took longer than beating the campaign on Vet.

The stupid shit we do for points. lol.

NarooN2522d ago

I remember beating this (as well as the game itself) on Veteran a few years back. My rage was infinite on Mile High Club, but I got it after 20 or so tries.

EazyC2522d ago

Hehe, the end was especially funny as I was on iPhone!

MetalFreakMike2522d ago

I already got this achievement. It's not really that hard at all. It took me a few try's but I got it.

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