Modern Warfare 3 vs. Battlefield 3 - The Results - IGN VIDEO

We asked you to decide and the results are in. See if Battlefield 3 or Modern Warfare 3 was voted for the most.

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aksmashh2525d ago

really ign??
desperate for hits?

Army_of_Darkness2525d ago

It's a simple outcome really....
quality wise---> BF3
Quantity wise(sales)---> MW3
The winner... Uncharted 3 :P


On the internet BF will win because this is where all the haters and PC BF fanboys are but in the real world Cod wins. 13Million people in a week compared to a few thousand trolls online!!! EA got slapped in the face,Cod killer my ass.**Gets my sniper,Quick scope,head shot**BF3 got Killed..KILLCONFIRMED >:D

Fishy Fingers2525d ago (Edited 2525d ago )

Let's not play the douche eh? Which is better is pure opinion, sales could show which is more popular nothing more.

No one (other than complete idiots) from fanboys to EA actually expected BF3 sales to be up there with COD, they hoped to gain a piece of the pie and judging by their franchise topping results, EA should be happy and deem their outcome as successful.

Both games have been hugely profitable and both have provide countless gamers hours of fun. Enough with the whining and arguing.

Ares84HU2525d ago

Yeah, your typical COD fanboy right here.

sporteous1212122525d ago

I think most people are just riding the COD wave and that is the reason it has so many sales. Battlefield 3 is the better game all around but most people just buy COD because they are more familiar with the brand.

Tonester9252525d ago

OH I get it now! All the fanboys have one bubble. So I should just bypass all the one bubble gangsters.

ATi_Elite2525d ago

Brittany Spears sells a ton of records but can she sing better than Mary J. Blidge? HELL NO!
but some may prefer Brittany over Mary and that's their choice.

Now the same with MW3 vs. BF3.

we all knew MW3 was gonna sale way more than BF3 but looking at the two BF3 is a far better product than MW3 but some prefer the MW3 game play over BF3 and again that's their choice.

*I'm basing this off of the PC versions cause that's my platform although i've seen the 360 versions*

SALES figures never determine which is better cause if that were true then a Honda Civic would better than a Ferrari.

Sorry but i'll take a Ferrari over a Honda every second of the week.

BF3 = Ferrari
MW3 = Honda

and while some of you argue over sales figures Bobby Kotick is swimming in your cash.

Happy Gaming no matter what you play.....just practice flying on empty servers you No0bs!

ironwolf2525d ago

Honda = $25,000
Ferrari = $250,000
MW3 = $59
BF3 = $59

Your comparison = Fail

Jobesy2525d ago (Edited 2525d ago )

@ATI, you want to compare games to cars? say sales doesn't equal quality, but in the entertainment world it does. The best selling video game franchises are Mario, Pokemon, COD. The best selling artists are The Beatles, Elvis, Michael Jackson. You can't have a top selling all time product and not have quality, it doesn't happen.

sllshrm2524d ago

By that logic, Justin Beiber wins.

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isa_scout2525d ago

BF3 should have won graphics on pc and that's it... I bought BF3 on ps3 expecting to be blown away and I was not. It had a very unspectacular campaign and while COD may not be uncharted at least it's campaign was easy to follow. Graphics for ps3 of COD was alot better than BF3, and while battlefields MP was good compared to COD it is still just a copy and paste of bad company 2 so MW3 wins for me. I understand why some people like BF3 more but those people should be the ones with the superior pc versions because BF3 on consoles is just shameless ports.

solidboss2525d ago

"while battlefields MP was good compared to COD it is still just a copy and paste of bad company 2 so MW3 wins for me."

yes there are ways that bf3 does feel like bc2 but there are also ways it improves on it (believe it or not but prone changes alot) and what about mw3 is it not a copy of mw2, and the original mw? your statement is kind of invalid

Karlnag32525d ago

"kind of invalid" dafuck are you talking about? It's COMPLETELY invalid. It's the most invalid statement in the history of anything. What I had for lunch would be a more valid statement.

solidboss2525d ago

im giving isa_scout the benefit of the doubt because playing bf3 compared to bc2 its hard NOT to find similarities between the two but to say its a copy and paste is wrong. i believe mw3 is a true copy and paste with very little changes that dont do anything to enhance the current experience

solidboss2525d ago

in my opinion bf3 wins in all but campaign. i havent played mw3 but im pretty sure it has a better campaign then bf3, something was missing in the campaign..multiplayer wise to each his/her own but i feel that if you want the closest military war experience on a videogame console bf is where to go. if you are more of an "arcady fast kills and perks" type of guy then mw multiplayer suites you. as for graphics i think we all know the answer to that =)

venom062525d ago

SALES REALLY DOESN'T MEAN QUALITY @ ALL.... HELL, CoD is quickly turning into the "TWILIGHT" movie of video games.... sales alot, makes alot of money, but is still CRAP overall with the same repetitive stuff over and over again.....

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