This Game Engine Wants to Build Entire Planets

The kids at Outerra aren't out to do much. Only create a game engine that can create entire planets for you to mess around in.

An indie project, the goal is to build a "3D planetary engine for seamless planet rendering from space down to the surface". Which means build a whole planet, letting you start it in orbit then fly it all the way down to the surface, with no loading times and no artificial walls.

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CrimsonEngage2522d ago

This is impressive. Next Battlefront game needs this!

Huwmor2522d ago (Edited 2522d ago )

To be honest. We REALLY just NEED another battlefront game. This engine can come too if it wants.

Iroquois_Pliskin2522d ago (Edited 2522d ago )

Oh shi- Just imagine the possibilities!

Would be awesome on a Flight sim