Soulja Boy Releasing PS3 And 360 Video Game In 2012

A new video game featuring Soulja Boy is coming in 2012, according to the rapper.

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Emilio_Estevez2520d ago

Who wants to bet it's awful? I would put 100 to 1 odds it is.

Iroquois_Pliskin2520d ago

-_- Really? A Soulja Boy game?? omg...

Army_of_Darkness2520d ago

He would have a better chance at success by paying activision to add him as a DLC character in MW3! since all the teens play that shit right?! lol!

young juice2520d ago (Edited 2520d ago )

this was my comment

"this is one of the worst "songs" i have ever heard.

i had to hide my snes. cus every time i see it this song pops into my head causing me to vomit uncontrollably."

i wish there was a real dark brotherhood so i could hire them to kill this abomination.


im a teen and i want nothing to do with soulja boy or MW3

LOGICWINS2520d ago (Edited 2520d ago )

"im a teen and i want nothing to do with soulja boy or MW3"

I think Soulja Boy's music sucks, but you have to admit that theres a smart businessman at work here. The fact that he became a millionaire by feeding people crap is astonishing. Wouldn't mind being in his shoes for a couple of days.

Yeah, alotta people would hate me....but I'd have 4 Lambos and a threesome with two Victoria Secret models every week :)

htownrocket872520d ago

correction: there's a smart businessman at work FOR him. I work in the music industry and I tell you right now with confidence that soulja boy has very little to do with the fact that he's rich and successful. Much credit goes to his producers and managers......unfortunately... ..

guitarded772520d ago

What's a Soulja Boy? Is it like a Game Boy?

n4f2520d ago

he's responsible for ruining hiphop and now he will ruin gaming? as if we need that.

malol2520d ago

when he first came out he looked just like some kid with some songs
you now
just normal and singing about Dancing
all of the sudden he is ((gangsta)) and tattooed him self all over the place like .... idk some old biker or something lol

but yah faces and (singers) like this are the one killing rapping

i only listing to old shcool raping and im a fan of that
but this gen with guys like this and lil wayne
they are just killing it !

guitarded772520d ago

Yup, nothing like an old-school "raping".

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ATi_Elite2520d ago (Edited 2520d ago )

isn't he in Jail?

so i'm guessing it's a Kinect/Move game that shows you how to ride around with guns and drugs in your car like a MORON!!

I'm sure "BUBBA" his cell-mate is about to "Crank that" if you know what i mean.

DragonKnight2520d ago

LOL. Though I think you meant to say Crank Dat. Haha.

egidem2520d ago

Not only is he a racist bastard, but the last thing we would want from him is a game of himself.

Clarence2520d ago

His music is awful. He's one of the worst rappers I have ever heard. The game will be horrible.

GanjaMan2519d ago

This guy is absolute shit, he music aint even real rap, he lyrics are shit, he beats are wank and he thinks hes a rapper! I listen to alot of rap and hip hop and this guy woudnt even be mentioned in at all. Infact its a disgrace to mention this guy with rap.

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lociefer2520d ago

soulja boy: fight for the bling bling , just release it as a freeware or a wii title, no ps360 stuff

Pikajew2520d ago (Edited 2520d ago )

It will probably be on PS3 and xbox. And why does it matter? You dont have to buy it

lociefer2520d ago

dosent it make u sad to see games like this garbage, or even 50 cent game make it out to light ? like really, you should encourage game designers to put more work into their games

Liquid_Ocelot2520d ago

I can't say I like the guy, I enjoy the music(these days not so much :S). I just hope this is another Def Jam game and hopefully it'll be more like Fight for NY and less like Icon(PoS)

A bit off-topic:
I've seen worse.. Like games that make you a 'rock star' -_- seriously, gtfoh.. Go play the real thing. Music games are ALL garbage [imo]

PRHB HYBRiiD2520d ago

i bet it will be a third person shooter

CrimsonEngage2520d ago

It's going to be garbage just like 50 cent blood on the sand.

yesmynameissumo2520d ago

Did you play Blood in the Sand? It wasn't bad at all. Ridiculous, sure, but not bad.

LOGICWINS2520d ago

LOL, didn't G4 give it a higher score than RE5?

Hufandpuf2520d ago

I heard blood in the sand wasn't that bad.

xPhearR3dx2520d ago

It's really not. The story is the stupidest shit I've ever experienced in my life, but the actual game, and gameplay is rather fun. It made for a great rental.

gotgame19852520d ago

you are thinking of the first 50 cent game, cause if you are saying the second was garbage you are the first person I heard say that. I never check the sales for this game but I"m sure it sold poorly do to the first game which was complete garbage.

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Convas2520d ago

Who in their right mind ... Oi.

Relientk772520d ago

Are u joking me? Soulja Boy is horrible! All he does is write one line and repeat it 47 times.

Example: his crank that soulja boy song