Microsoft Preps Kinect for PCs Hardware, Firmware

Microsoft is adjusting firmware and optimizing certain hardware components to ready its Kinect motion-sensing input device for PCs running Windows, the company said Tuesday. Microsoft currently sells Kinect as a peripheral for its Xbox 360 game consoles, but has announced a Kinect for Windows commercial program that begins in early 2012.

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Focus2524d ago

Lol must suck that your bretheren didn't come in here and support you like you were hoping

bobrea2524d ago

Why would I care? The purpose of a comment section is to express MY opinion, and that's what I did. It seems that you might be a little more heavily invested in what people think on here than I am.

JOLLY12524d ago

I can't wait to see what people make with the PC SDK.

evilunklebud2524d ago

Some pretty cool hacks out in the wild....

JOLLY12524d ago

Can you just imagine Bing or google maps on a big screen. Using some of the virtual reality stuff Microsoft is working on.

nasstyngg3r2422524d ago

im happy they take it to computer i think thats the only place it belongs. game and kinect it mehhh controlling a interface with kinect voice and hand gestures is wiked

kevnb2524d ago

I actually want this.

NYC_Gamer2524d ago

i would buy one just to use the created apps

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