Saints Row: The Third PC; Volition is working on a performance patch

DSOGaming writes: "Call us impressed but Volition has just announced that they are working on a patch for the PC version of Saints Row: The Third. Even though the company hasn’t released any changelog or an ETA, we do know that this patch will feature better performance and further optimization. Sound great, right? You bet as Red Faction: Armageddon was not supported at all from the very same studio after its release. Hell, there isn’t even any SLI profile for it as of yet. So kudos to Volition."

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pr0digyZA2520d ago

I have an nvidia 560ti and so far the games been silky smooth. It's quite weird that ATI is having problems considering I see their logo every time I start it up. I wonder what further optimizations will come, I personally hope its further grass distance.

Theo11302520d ago

exactly, im using a 560 gtx, and the game on dx11 has been running perfect.

NYC_Gamer2520d ago

it's amd with the bad drivers

Raf1k12520d ago

I do remember something about them saying they'd make an effort with the PC version of this game since the previous one was badly optimised.

ExitToExisT2520d ago (Edited 2520d ago )

i have a gtx 560 and an e8400 and i cant play the game right now.. i get 20 fps on low and high

john22520d ago

For those interested, Steam has updated the game ;)

icarusorigin2520d ago

Already beat it (rented it) I have a good pc, but this game is not worth 50bucks
Maybe 20