Modern Warfare 3 Controversy Extends To UK Parliament

NowGamer: Latest Call of Duty game reignites old debate.

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The Meerkat2616d ago

Keith Vaz "there is increasing evidence of a link between perpetrators of violent crime and violent video games users"

The truth "there is increasing evidence of a link between UK Labour Governments and economic collapse leading to an increase in violent crime and civil disorder"

A simple answer would be to sell more video games to help the economy and keep the violent people indoors in front of their TVs.
And ban the Labour Party.

Septic2616d ago

Hold on....

"that this House is deeply concerned about the recently released video game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, in which players engage in gratuitous acts of violence against members of the public."

I haven't played the campaign yet but is there any level where you have to kill members of the public ala MW2?

PhantomT14122616d ago

No, but there are civilians in some levels à la Favela.


BF fanboys/Cod haters put our differences aside. This is more than Cod this is about the Fccking goverment who comes with ther BS video game cause violence sh1t. Let's unit and say fuck the goverment,it could be any game.

TimmyShire2616d ago

I really am bored of these so called 'evidence' of violent games making violent people. It's an eternal argument, that really seems like it'll never end.

AtomicGerbil2616d ago

Politics & religion can be linked with violence, shall we ban those?

Septic2616d ago (Edited 2616d ago )

Alcohol is the cause of over 60% of night crime in the UK. Why isn't that banned?

Double standards.

These MPs are just jumping on the bandwagon over a medium they don't even understand. They are basing their opinions on hearsay.

Where do you draw the line? What next? Emotions are linked to violence- before you know it, those are banned like in the movie Equilibrium.

Feckles2616d ago (Edited 2616d ago )

Over 200,000 accidents are caused on the roads in the UK every year. Let's ban the roads!

Grip2616d ago

science can link to Violence.. everything can turned in a bad way

DeadIIIRed2616d ago

Murder rates go up whenever ice cream sales go up. No joke. We need to ban ice cream!!!

Feckles2616d ago

I don't even think that the content of Modern Warfare 3 warrants an 18 rating anyway.

Does it compare to films like Irreversible? No.

LightofDarkness2616d ago

It's due to its popularity, really. More people play it, more people know about it, more kids want to play it. Mom and dad see what kids are playing, call BBFC in disgust, BBFC forever slaps 18+ certs onto everything with that name on it so the angry old people will stop calling them and threatening their jobs.

Tachyon_Nova2616d ago

Getting sick of politicians, if there is any proof that democracy is a terrible system it is that bellends like these guys get into a position of power. Only problem is there is mist likely no better system...

LightofDarkness2616d ago (Edited 2616d ago )

Actually, a resource based economy with large-scale social programs, run by technicians and engineers, would be infinitely better. But every greedy system in the world will fight tooth and nail to keep the power they have, so a real change would be a painful one at first.

A good quote to remember: "Politicians are trained to make decisions, engineers are trained to solve problems."

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The story is too old to be commented.