Motorstorm RC: Vita and PS3 Cloud Saves to Bypass PlayStation Plus

SPOnG: "SPOnG has learned that a PlayStation Plus subscription will not be required for some of the cloud game save capabilities between the Vita and PS3 hardware."

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sinncross2575d ago

This is old news, that the cloud saving works this way. It was announced to work this was in Ruin a good few weeks back.

IT does not bypass PS+ but rather that it gets saved to the developers servers instead, well I think that how the devs for Ruin explained it.

Regardless, thats a cool feature and something I doubt Sony will stop anyways. Definitely makes owning both a PS3 and PSV a little more enticing for gamers.

t0mmyb0y2575d ago

This is how it should be.

GraveLord2574d ago

THANK YOU! This is awesome sauce.