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DonaldBeck2525d ago

not really impressed to be honest, but its far from bad.

sasuke992525d ago ShowReplies(1)
NeoBasch2524d ago

o_O I've always loved Square's cinematics. They really know how to reward the player.

Endless_X2525d ago

Updated with a better quality video.

Catoplepas2525d ago

I have goosebumps, no lie.

Roll on February.

D3mons0ul2525d ago

was anyone expecting that guy to have a badass voice?

Catoplepas2525d ago

Are you implying that he doesn't? Or that he fulfills your expectations?

I personally have no complaints, he seems to sound the part.

Eamon2525d ago

Sounds like Xehanort.

D3mons0ul2524d ago

I'm implying that he sounds awesome.

MaideninBlack2525d ago

Nice work from SE as far as cutscenes go. Too bad you only play Lightning once in the game.

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