100 Games You Have to Play

Just over 2000 South African Gamers broadcasted their opinion on which 100 games are worth playing!

The feedback was phenominal during a month long nomination process, members of various groups and pages on Facebook shared their opinion and nominated their favourite 100 games.

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DonaldBeck2525d ago (Edited 2525d ago )

demons souls at 73? i would put it in the top 10.

and the call of duty series at #3? i should have stopped reading right there.

Coffin872523d ago

If it would have been the CoD Series I would have agreed 100%, the first CoD games were f*in BLAST.
But still, even the MW1+2 campaigns are still worth playing. Leave multiplayer aside, and you have 2 really fun, thrilling campaigns.

All in all I would say a nice list, some games that I really should try are mentioned.
The main problem is - of course - the platforms.. some games I will simply NEVER play because I don't, for instance, have a 360 to play Gears of War on.

egidem2524d ago (Edited 2524d ago )

Portal 2 as No. 1. Interesting choice though.

The PC copy is currently on sale on Steam for $10.19 USD ($11.89 for both Portal 1 & 2). Although I'm pretty sure you could get a new PS3 copy for slightly more as that would be a better valued deal.

Dangerous times for my wallet began today! (Steam holiday sales & deals). I've already purchased 8 games. I couldn't it's only the first day! Damn you Steam!!! XD

beastgamer2523d ago

mgs3 after mgs4, um my heart is going to stop

Intentions2525d ago (Edited 2525d ago )

EDIT: Wow nvm listing all of it was a massive wall of text.

Anyway. I have to disagree with some of those games.


always enjoyable when people disagree with peoples opinion, like it matters.

Pikajew2525d ago

Horrible list. No Zelda o Mario games on it and they have CoD on the top 10.

Focus2525d ago

Its people's opinions, not everybody likes what you like. I was suprised to not see any current gen Halo on the list or GT whatsoever but I'm not going to say its a horrible list because of it.

Intentions2525d ago

It isn't even a top 100 list. It is just a list of 100 games that they recommend to play.

Pikajew2523d ago

And they are games every gamer should play

Majin-vegeta2524d ago

COD4 is the only cod worth playing this gen.

Kran2524d ago

It might get a little heated. Many people will have their own opinions to who should be number 1 or 25 or 8 etc etc.

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The story is too old to be commented.