Plus XP: Return Of The Retro

Garvaos from Plus XP writes: "For about 20 odd years now I have been in love with video games. It may come to no surprise really as I have been writing about video games here for the best part of two years now. I have grown up with all the classics such as Sonic, Mario and even Kirby. I have always been on the side of Sonic and Sega but having a gamer mate over the road who sided with Nintendo while I was growing was a great privilege. Some people say I was a fortunate child getting his hands on both the SNES and Sega Megadrive.
Games have evolved quite considerably since the days of Super Mario Land and Sonic the Hedgehog, gamers now grow up with characters such as Master Chief, Nathan Drake or generic Call Of Dutey military man. If you mention the name Bubsy Bobcat to any of the young 360/PS3 generation you will probably either get a blank stare or an answer somewhere along the lines of ‘Is that one level after prestige?’ It’s kind of sad to think there isn’t really any classic characters for new gamers to grow up with, but fear not as the classic Sega and Nintendo mascots have not been forgotten."

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