New Challenger: Love Is A Flying Mammoth

Default Prime's Chris Stewart talks about how Skyrim surprised him and why he fell in love with the game. Why do you love Skyrim?

"It may surprise you to learn that I have been playing Skyrim. You know, that game that’s been mentioned once or twice recently. The thing is, I had a few theories about this game before I played it. I’ve made no secret either of the fact I feel generally let down by most developers in this modern age as the illusion of greater choice waters down the overall experience of a deep narrative, or that hype generally leads to disappointment. The frenzy around Skyrim had caused my scepticism to rise up to an unusually high level, fully expecting a game that would disappoint like I thought Fallout: New Vegas did. Not that the game would be bad, but that it would be let down by poor quality assurance testing and a tendency for the game to get slower and struggle more until it eventually crashed."

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