PlanetSide 2 Vanu screens show hovertanks, spaceships, the color purple

Technology's pretty great. That’s what PlanetSide 2′s Vanu Sovereignty believes, and I’m inclined to agree with them. Well, not in the borderline-nutty “worship a super-advanced ancient alien race” type of way, but these high-tech computing boxes we all love so much sure can draw some pretty pictures.
[Nathan Grayson ]

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ATi_Elite2524d ago

I must say every time I see Planetside 2 the graphics get better and better.

Not bad for a game that will be bigger than pretty much every FPS EVER and having 1000 vs. 1000 game play that includes bases, aircraft, and land vehicles.

If you Zoom picture number 5 you can see the beard stubble and acne on that soldier's neck along with the amazing texture detail of the material of his suit and armor.

2012 is gonna be a HUGE year for the PC.

Septic2524d ago

That looks amazing. The art style looks like a cross between Halo (look at the weapon in pic 3) and Mass Effect!

I never got to play the original Planetside but this looks like it has potential to be amazing. Here's hoping its as good as it looks!

Orpheus2523d ago

Yeah things are also smooth and round .... highly tessellated.

For 2012 :
Bioshock Infinite, Stalker2, MetroLL, Ghost Sniper2, Prey2, Planetside2, CARS, Arma3 .... and countig....

telekineticmantis2523d ago

pretty good on PS3, free to play on PS3 looks venture worth... just saying.