Medieval Moves: Deadmund's Quest [Review] |

Ian Fisher wrote: The PlayStation Move is in dire need of an exciting game that pushes the tech of the device but Medieval Moves sadly isn’t that game. With a good base that has a nice amount of charm and interesting concepts; Medieval Moves simply drags with each passing level and each enemy encounter which is totally devoid of skill thanks to some spotty motion tracking. Gamers looking for a deep or simply entertaining experience should look elsewhere since Medieval Moves at best is game that may hold the attention of a young kid.

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kikizoo2546d ago

oh look, : "- PlayStation Move controls feel unrefined compared to what was presented in Sports Champions."

if you 've played the game, or if you just read pushsquare saying the opposite, you 'll know they are not serious.

thekiddfran2546d ago

Yeah the review is tosh because the same people who made sports champions, made this. They literally imported the same move code from sports champions to this game.

Biggest2546d ago

In the meantime, let's trash this game for being aimed at children while praising Sesame Street and DisneyLand for being aimed at children!

Stupid bloggers.

sprinterboy2546d ago

awesome fun game, good shield and sword game while we wait for sorcery