Toshihiro Nagoshi: this time YAKUZA 5 and Kazuma Kiryu will shock you.

There is a fairly shocking news about the announcement of Yakuza 5 game, which comes from the weekly Famitsu. As reported by Andriasang, Famitsu writes that this game will be released for the PlayStation 3 and will set in Sapporo, Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka and Fukuoka. The weekly magazine also wrote that Kazuma Kiryu who will become the main character in the Yakuza 5.

Producer of the Yakuza game series, Toshihiro Nagoshi, reportedly received many questions on the interview session after the announcement of this game is widespread.

The big question now is whether only Kazuma that would be the main character of the game? In two previous Yakuza game, the player could played some of the main characters of the game. In the interview session with Famitsu magazine, Nagoshi still doesn’t want to say whether the Yakuza 5 will have more than one main character which can be played.

Here are some facts about Yakuza 5 which the writer got from Famitsu:

- This game will have a large size

- According to Nagoshi Yakuza 5 will become a truly new game of Yakuza, not just a re-polish game like the previous Yakuza series.

- The five cities which are present in the Yakuza 5 will have the same size or even bigger than the city which existed at the previous series, such as: Osaka (Monterey) and Okinawa (Ryukyu).

- Sega prefer to travel to five cities which will exist in the game, to look for girls which they said would become some kind of encouragement in the fight, rather than looking for a hostess model who usually appeared in the Yakuza series.

- Yakuza 5 will get a lot of improvement from the previous series, such as a shorter loading time, the increase in camera’s angles, and also some increases in facial expressions of the characters. The team that worked on Yakuza 5 is using an engine which used in the Binary Domain game.

- Yakuza 5 will also present the new technologies in the conversations between characters in the game and also the sides of the fight. Nagoshi said the players would be surprised to see the results of the game.

- The story in Yakuza 5 relates with the previous serie, Yakuza 4.

- Yakuza 5 producer is Masayoshi Yokoyama. In the previous Yakuza games, Masayoshi worked on the creation of script and scenario.

- The development of Yakuza 5 game is still in its early stages. Famitsu writes the date of the release of Yakuza 5 game with the word “TBA” (to be Announced).

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Yi-Long2521d ago

... I really liked the 4th game, but there was also lots of room for improvement in some areas, so I'm glad they're ambitious with this :)

caseh2520d ago

Would find it hard going back to using just Kiryu after being introduced to the epicness that was Tanimura.

Dark_Overlord2520d ago

I hated Tanimuras fighting style, mainly reversals. Saejima on the other hand was an absolute power house, pretty much unstopable when you learned how to use him properly :)

caseh2520d ago

Ahhh you're missing out, when you level him up past a certain points he is literally invincible.

His reversal is amazing, leads straight into an arm break or a throw which will boost you into a heat move if done when drunk.

Take a look at high score KO table for Tani in extra modes, only managed about 300 myself but theres a few that go into the thousands.

akiraburn2520d ago

This is definitely my most anticipated game coming up anytime in the near future. Yakuza (or Ryu Ga Gotoku) as a series has easily become one of my top favorite franchises of all time. Its one of the only game series that I so thoroughly enjoy that I will take the time to do literally everything in the game that I can do. Seeing them improve on all these aspects definitely raises my anticipation that much more.

I also really hope they have discussed and considered the possibility of doing an HD remake collection of the original two (and possibly even adding in Black Panther, though doubtful that one may be), as Yakuza 1 has a broken area that my 80GB BC PS3 can't get past (stuck in a black loading screen). Plus the games would look great with improved textures and visuals.

One thing to note, I am extremely hyped for the idea of having five cities, but could that have been a mistranslation? I only ask that because recently they had a poll on the Japanese Yakuza site asking which one city we were most interested in seeing Yakuza 5 take place in, and those same cities that we had to choose from are listed here as all being a part of the game. So I'm hoping it isn't a mistranslation, because five cities would be amazing.

fekkyFTP2519d ago (Edited 2519d ago )

I'd rather wait for Yakuza 5 than GTA 5, I don't know why..but I really love Japanese "touch" for their games.