OXCGN’s Dead Rising 2: Off The Record Review: A Non-Canon Slaughterfest


"2010 saw the release of Dead Rising 2, a sequel that took many by surprise due to the fact Dead Rising‘s star, Frank West, was missing.

"Players were greeted by Chuck Greene, a typical American pretty boy surviving the zombie apocalypse. Oh, and his adorable daughter Katie, who has been infected with the zombie virus.

"It didn’t take place in a typical mall, it didn’t revolve around taking photos, and essentially had you catering to the whim of your daughter.

"Thankfully, the gameplay remained intact to provide hours upon hours of merciless undead slaughter.

"The plot consisted of Chuck attempting to uncover the conspiracy behind the infection, and get out alive… all while keeping his precious next of kin alive.

"A year later, Capcom has thrown not another true sequel at us, but a redo of the second game, this time featuring the original hero.

"Is it worth your time, or is it just a cheap cash-in?"

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gaminoz2521d ago

I like Frank better anyway!

MultiConsoleGamer2521d ago


Frank West. He's covered wars.

J86blum2521d ago

Does this one have a 72 hour timer? I like dead rising but 1 and 2 I have trouble with when it comes to the time limit, is it in this side game.