Spec Op's The Line: Officially Dated For Release

Today, 2K Games dropped a new Spec Op’s The Line trailer. It’s the first trailer seen in years. The game was last featured during E3 2010, which was when we first sat through the gameplay reveal. Today we are all taken on a journey through the many elements the game will present. No gameplay is shown in the trailer, but of what is shown, it’s clear Spec Op’s the Line has gone through a few changes that could present a more emotion story then the one seen at E3 2010.

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ATi_Elite2520d ago

They smartly pushed Specs Ops back to avoid Gears3 UC3 BF3 and MW3.

Hopefully they used that time to pump up the graphics, game play, and squash any bugs.

If the game play graphics are like those seen in this trailer then maybe Spec Ops may have some thing going for it. Also i hope they improved the game play of this 3PS (third person shooter).

will be on the look out for a Game Play trailer to see if Spec Ops has improved and can compare to the games it so desperately avoided.

xPhearR3dx2520d ago

I played the beta over a year ago and it was pretty fun. Wasn't GREAT, but it was fun while it lasted. With the game still being quite a ways off, plus all the time they've had since the beta, I'm expected a very well polished game by release.

Laxman2520d ago

I liked the beta, and look forward to seeing what nearly 2 years of extra polish will allow. Should have a great single-player mode too.

PandaJenkins2520d ago

Yea I remember really enjoying the beta, it certainly had it's own unique charm to it. That being said I hope it's even better with all this development time in the past year.