Forza 4 - Game of the Year 2011 Nominee describes Forza 4 as one of the best racing sims this generation, but is it worthy of 'GOTY' consideration?

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byrnezy2525d ago

In my opinion no, good game and all but not GOTY worthy

Edgeofglory2525d ago (Edited 2525d ago )

stopped reading at "The cars are amazing and leave Gran Turismo 5 in a trail of dust. There’s absolutely no comparison between the two." pmsl really .

If 1 thing GT5 has over forza4 its the cars, the graphics are photo realistic and the tracks are a perfect copy like Nürburgring,which forza just cant get right along with its cartoon like cars n tracks. GT5 beats forza4 with easeeeee.

coolbeans2525d ago

"If 1 thing GT5 has over Forza 4 its the cars..."

I fail to see how the 200 premium/800 standard cars in GT5 compare to 500 premium-like detailed cars in Forza 4, let alone beat it with "easeeee".

shikamaroooo2525d ago

@coolbeans because forza doesn't have night racing weather changes night / day cycles Katy racing rally and snow racing NASCAR super gt. plus gran turismo makes racers in real life

Taz Yamauchi2525d ago

Why dont we just throw in Kung fu Panda 2 and Cars 2 for GOTY while we are at it

badz1492525d ago

Lol that's hillarious! So full of WIN XD

FordGTGuy2519d ago

Forza 4 has both Super GT and Nascar.........

Not to mention LeMans series GT1, GT2 and GT3. V8 Supercars and LeMans Prototypes.

Night racing and Weather are 1 ups for GT5 but what they sacrificed to get it was not worth it.

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Gaetano2525d ago

I agree. Can't see it happening.

Focus2525d ago

Best racing game this generation. Worthy of that nomination.

yewles12525d ago

ROFLMFAO!!!! XD XD XD *heart attack*

BlmThug2524d ago

You should p**s off back to that bin you used to live in

Me-Time2523d ago

lol you're the man, yewles.

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The story is too old to be commented.