Is Naughty Dog's shooting fix too little, too late?

Nothing out of the ordinary so far. But in the weeks following the hum of discontent quickly developed into a booming voice of displeasure.

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Derekvinyard132526d ago

kind of a dumb piece because it hasent been to long,but i feel no ones gunna care

FlameHawk2526d ago

Actually I think it is late since I've already finished the campaign and I don't play the multiplayer that much.

zeeshan2526d ago

So let me get this straight. It's OK to bear all the COD glitches for weeks and months before they patch it up but when a SONY related service is presented 22nd day of release, it's NOT. Yup, that's what I thought!

Intentions2526d ago (Edited 2526d ago )

I haven't played Uncharted's multiplayer either. I have finished the campaign on crushing. So there isn't really a point for me to play it again, until I feel like it.
Anyway, the aiming/shooting didn't bother me at all, so I don't care if it was too late. At least it will make most people happy.

I haven't come across any CoD glitches yet (only just got it 2 days ago). But then again.. I've been busy with University and gym :P

vickers5002526d ago (Edited 2526d ago )


Well obviously it's a fanboy conspiracy and everybody just hates Sony. /s

I've only played like 20 minutes of MW3 at my friends house, but there was nothing wrong with MW3s controls.

There is however, something wrong with Uncharted 3s controls. Controls/gunplay are really the biggest part of these two games, so you can't really compare the two situations as they are entirely different. If MW3 had major issues with the controls like Uncharted 3 did, people would complain about MW3 as well. This isn't about "glitches" or "bugs". This is about the controls.

And don't say there isn't anything wrong with Uncharted 3s controls: they're worse and much less smooth/accurate than Uncharted 2's controls were.

And I'm not a cod fanboy (in fact I hate cod), I'm just saying that what you are suggesting is ridiculous fanboy logic.

Silly gameAr2526d ago (Edited 2526d ago )

This article is definitely CVG worthy. How can it be to late for a patch? If it will quiet that loud minority that apparently can handle U3's aiming system, then they should be happy that ND's fixing it so they can actually handle the game.

crxss2526d ago (Edited 2526d ago )

i started crushing mode but the aiming is so broken and frustrating i didn't want to go through with that again.

i don't understand why ND just doesn't override the U3 SP shooting with the patch but instead are making it an "option". it's like saying, here's how broken the game is and here's an option for you if you want it to play U3 fixed.

Dee_912526d ago (Edited 2526d ago )

@vickers500 I think you missed the entire point ..

Just another CVG article

DasBunker2526d ago

ive yet to play the game.. so im happy that when i do i wont have this issue..

Papertiger2526d ago (Edited 2526d ago )

So just because you, the submitter, and quite possibly the writer of this article had finished the game and don't intend to play it again, after the patch was released only two weeks after the games release, you consider it as "late".

Without taking into any sort of account that it had only been a two week process, and an issue that hasn't been "game-breaking" or severely deterring at all. And you think that gave you enough basis, to create some "too late" rant? how ridiculous and idiotic. If you don't intend to play the game again, then that's your personal problem.

ApplEaglElephant2526d ago (Edited 2526d ago )

Ofc they will send out articles like this.

its only been little bit more than 1 week after their "I LOST MY FAITH ON SONY" article.

and another flamebait article before that. They always post Sony flamebait articles. Its just hilarious though given how they troll Sony even though Sony is providing hardcores with best games.



Dude your full of it and so are you PS3 only owning haters. Finished Uncharted 3 day of release and there was nothing wrong with the controls...sounds like too many butt hurt 360 owners.

Since MW3 is percieved as GOD on 360 oh dear lord no it doesn't have any issues and thus any who speak of them are fanboys of other what a joke.

Bloodraid2526d ago

Oh boo hoo. I'm sick and tired of everyone on here who get incredibly insulted and defensive whenever something that isn't overwhelmingly pro-Sony is posted. You guys are a joke, I don't even know why I bother reading the comments, it's the same old butthurt fanboy crap every time.

Blaze9292526d ago

It's not that complicated. Millions of people play Call of Duty online. How many are playing Uncharted 3 online enough to care?

Saladfax2526d ago

Is there ever any kind of discernment? Seriously, if the game case for Uncharted 3 had been filled with live, angry bees instead of a game, would you have rated it, "The best life-threatening series of bee-stings I've ever experienced?" while ignoring the fact that it probably put you in the hospital?

For God's sake people. If a game has flaws, own up to them. Everybody already knows that Uncharted is a good, solid series, but it's not the gold standard for everything in goddamn creation. The only way devs, hell, the only way anyone who writes, draws, composes, directs, and in various ways creates can get better at their craft is if people encourage improvement.

So maybe every now and then, say to the devs, "Y'know... I guess I didn't actually like the swarm of bees as much as I thought I would. They were really cool and all, but I found aspects of their sting venom to be slightly underwhelming."

Biggest2525d ago

Way to imagine your own point, Saladfax. This "article" is about NaughtyDog fixing their game too late, which is a ridiculous claim to say the least. NaughtyDog has owned up to their "mistake" and are taking steps to rectify the problem. There are no bees involved. Your point about owning up has been addressed. Time to move on to the problem of CVG. They wrote yet another bullcrap piece singing their childish infatuation with hating Sony related products. The recently released games with problems may or may not be patched. However, CVG has yet to make an "article" claiming that those patches are too late. BF3, MW3, and Skyrim all need/ed patches. Not one of those games are going to have a patch within the first 20 (or so) days. The "article" is lame.

Saladfax2525d ago

Not talking about Naughty Dog. I have nothing but the greatest respect that company and the quality of product they produce.

They made a mistake and owned up to it; it's quite noble.

I admit my point doesn't necessarily fit directly with this particular article, but it's valid nonetheless. You can't throw a stone in this community without hitting several individuals who think <insert game> is without question the greatest piece of media ever seen in creation. It's by far at its worst with the Uncharted series, where God forbid anyone point out some of the many valid criticisms for the series.

Much more obvious is the varied commentary which says, "There was nothing wrong with Uncharted 3's controls," in spite of ND's admission and considerable evidence to the contrary, but whatever. You want a different argument, fine.

The article brings up a perfectly valid point, assuming individuals have half a brain in their heads. Simply put, if a person wrestled with the trouble in controls, they probably didn't have the greatest of times during gameplay. A person broken out of immersion and consistently frustrated is very likely going to find other facets of the game to dislike. Plot points, repetition, disjointed segments, and so on.

It's not unreasonable to assume that a person having a less-than stellar time playing a game might not want to go back to it, even if the original issue was fixed. At least not soon, especially considering the high number of other releases to play.

vickers5002525d ago (Edited 2525d ago )

"Finished Uncharted 3 day of release and there was nothing wrong with the controls"

Yes, there is. The controls are terrible compared to Uncharted 2, and that is proof enough that there is something wrong with them.

Controls in a game should either improve or stay the same, but in Uncharted 3, they got worse. I've played an hour and a half of the game, and it was very interesting, but the sluggishness of the controls has forced me to wait for the patch. Uncharted 2s controls were absolutely perfect, but for some reason, they decided to mess with them and in turn, ended up making them worse.

"@vickers500 I think you missed the entire point ..

Just another CVG article"

CVG being a terrible website wasn't his point. He was trying to say that a bunch of glitches were the same thing as a problem with controls, and that MW3 was getting a pass for it while Sony was getting slammed for it, except that the two issues are very different and are therefore not comparable.

I will admit, that CVG is an absolutely terrible website, there's no question about that, but that's not what I'm trying to argue with. I'm trying to convince the guy I replied to that this has NOTHING to do with "CoD supporters vs Sony supporters" or CVG writing this article because they are fanboys.

Dee_912525d ago (Edited 2525d ago )

My comment to you was that you missed the entire point. Not that this is just another CVG article.
I said this is just another CVG article meaning I wont dignify their known stupidity with an response ...
Sorry shouldve made that clear :/

And you still missed his point. You went on about MW3 when he wasnt meaning ONLY MW3 ( way too soon to be a comparable situation because it just released)but games of that caliber "gets a pass".

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Thatguy-3102526d ago

I think it plan on going through the campaing again but though it was off and sluggish it just needed time to get used to.

MsclMexican2526d ago

OK... im lost

Skyrim has so many issues on ps3, that 6mb save file problem, texture drops, glitches etc. We have no idea if Bethesda is addressing the ps3 concerns, and a majority of us have this problem(I honestly can't play skyrim anymore because I have so many problems)... but that is ok..

But when some people complain about the aiming... saying that it is of.... and ND releases a patch 2 weeks after launch.... it is to late?


thehitman2526d ago

Im just going to hit story quality wtf and like this website no on all cvg articles I see now on N4G ps3 related. I noticed for awhile now all CVG articles seem to be hate ps3 wtf articles and starting to loose patience with their quality of articles.

Infernostew2526d ago

They're making such a big deal about this when Fallout 3 is still a broken mess on ps3 after all this time.

FunkMcnasty2526d ago

I care, for what its' worth :)

The change in shooting mechanics is the first thing i noticed in UC 3. It's not "bad" per-se, just feels a little sluggish... and that twin reticule that some guns have with that little circle movinga round inside the big circle when Drake turns while aiming.. I'm not finished with UC3's campaign yet, but so far it's been just as awesome as I possible couldve expected. With this update to tweak the gunplay to feel more like UC2 I think this will be a near perfect title!

otherZinc2526d ago

People that play games knew UC3 had many problems playing the game day 1.

Yet, IGN & other sites overrated UC3 giving it perfect scores. Now, they see the problem most of us saw.

Another reason I dont trust 98% of gaming "so called" journalists!

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yesmynameissumo2526d ago

Fix an issue on a 2 month old game is "Too little, too late"?

PirateThom2526d ago (Edited 2526d ago )

Two months?

The game only came out less than a month ago, start of November, making the article even more ridiculous.

yesmynameissumo2526d ago

Correction! Thanks Thom. Even more of a reason to serve the author a shit sandwich on whole wheat.

NotSoSilentBob2526d ago

I'd rather they fix an issue instead of letting it go till the next game and claiming it is fixed ala GeoW trilogy.

GamerSciz2526d ago

Computerandvideogames hasn't been banned from N4G yet? Trying to think of the last "quality" article they posted.

SoapShoes2526d ago

This article is just a troll article. Holy hell they act like what they think is what everyone else thinks!! They even say, "we just like most of you".... right there is enough to discredit the article. Their opinion /=/ gamer's opinions.

Burning_Finger2526d ago

lol They are probably expecting COD aiming. Just aim anywhere and your opponent is dead. :) I don't have any complain with the aim. Just equip the right weapon with right attachment and the right boosters.

Thatguy-3102526d ago

The aiming in multiplayer is good the aiming and controls in SP are where it felt sluggish. Don't see why they even bothered changing it if the ones in Uncharted 2 were smooth and precise. Try playing the games one after the other and you'll be suprise how off the shooting mechanics are in Drakes deception.

NeoBasch2526d ago (Edited 2526d ago )

I played the whole trilogy in a single week. Didn't notice a single problem 'til someone mentioned it. And even then, I didn't care and just kept playing. Completely forgot about it until I heard it here again in a review the other day.

Thatguy-3102526d ago (Edited 2526d ago )

claiming that the aiming is the same in ALL 3 games makes you a liar !!!! Uncharted had its problem but uncharted 2 perfected it while making it smooth. Uncharted 3 threw everything it out and it looks like it started from scratch. Though its horrible like I said its just something to get used to...its not impossible

NeoBasch2526d ago

lol Calling me a liar? You can check my profile. I got the 100-headshots trophy about a third of a way through the game. My hit percentage was close to 50% before I started pissing it away with the PAK, I believe it is (the huge fucking turret). What makes you think I didn't?

If you look up the recent trophies under my tag. You should see a bit from U1, U2, and U3 from a little over a week ago. U1 and U2 I completed on Hard, so you can look for that, and U3 normal (which is actually harder than either or). Maybe it is because of the controls. All I'm saying is I didn't notice, nor cared, and that's the truth. Calling me a liar won't change the past.

icewater852526d ago

I never knew the aiming was off until I seen all the people crying about it.

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death2smoochie2526d ago

It's never too late to patch issues. What a stupid article.

NeoBasch2526d ago

Wonder if they'll do the same when Bethesda doesn't end up patching their game in a week or so...

Bladesfist2526d ago

No because modders fix issues for bethesda

Jihaad_cpt2526d ago

there are modders on console versions?