Game Informer - WWE 12 Review

WWE ‘12 only introduces a few welcome elements. Setting up opponents for finishers with wake-up taunts is fun, the new comeback moments are a nice way of getting back into the match, players can now target specific limbs during grapples, and new creation options (like the new create-an-arena) make the series more customizable than ever before. However, none of these can make up for the awful Road to Wrestlemania. If WWE ‘12 represents THQ and Yuke’s going back to the drawing board, let’s hope they grab some erasers and start from scratch for WWE ‘13.

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Laxman2521d ago

Big difference from IGN's (I think it was?) 9/10. I know so many people who judged the game of that first good review and put preorders on it. One of the reasons people shouldnt put so much faith in reviews.

Captain Qwark 92521d ago

yes and no, whos to say this review is more accurate than ign's review? its all an opinion with you on not putting faith in reviews though, i buy what i want to play and i will purchase this game becuase i have every year for 6 years and with the exception to last years they have all been very fun.

Laxman2521d ago

Yeah thats absolutely true, this guy could have just hated wrestling. Havent minded the last few WWE games and from what ive seen this looks even better, but this month has my wallet bled too dry to pick this one up :(

ssb31732520d ago

This looks to be a decent wrestling game in a long time