NGB: Tekken Hybrid Review

Whilst no doubt already on fans’ radars for the update of TTT, it’s hard to recommend it on this basis to new players who will struggle to find offline competition. Blood Vengeance is nice enough as an extra but not something you’ll want to endure more than once, and whilst TTT2 is looking in great shape, there’s really not enough of it here. If you ever were that brat getting a Kinder Surprise, just remember that sinking feeling when you realise the chocolate wasn’t that good, and that the toy wasn’t that much fun either. There’s better, fuller Tekken experiences already out there, and as this collection proves, there’s an even better one on the horizon. There’s fun to be had for sure, and at its low RRP, Hybrid may be deemed essential to some Tekken die-hards, but it’s little more than a fleeting love letter to this one minority.

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Cant wait for Tekken 3D: Prime Edition