PlayStation Home brings group movie watching to PS3

For all the PlayStation 3 owners have have been dying to watch Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo in Mystery Science Theater 3000 fashion with virtual friends, an update to PlayStation Home will have those avatars smiling.

While Sony rolled out a sizable revision to PlayStation Home approximately three weeks ago, the social gaming environment has been expanded today to include virtual movie watching with friends.

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SPARDA_4262614d ago

Ahh Playstation Home it just keeps getting better and better.

Dante1122614d ago

Dang, this is pretty sweet.

Godmars2902614d ago (Edited 2614d ago )

Only streaming video from a PS3 into your Home space would be better.

ryhanon2614d ago

Yeah, it would be - don't hold your breath though. That'd be tough for Sony to pull off given copyright complications, not to mention the possibility (reality / inevitability) people would stream porn and no real way to age verify anyone... not a can of worms Sony is going to be eager to open.

Godmars2902614d ago

Yeah, I know it'll never happen for the very reasons you point out, still it would be nice.

DA_SHREDDER2614d ago

Um, thats what mods are for.

fluffydelusions2614d ago (Edited 2614d ago )

It's cool and all but it's only through the crackle service. Why not netflix, youtube etc? Better choices with better selections.

GamerSciz2614d ago

Netflix because it would cost us extra as Netflix has a streaming service and won't just allow PS3 users to access the library and watch for free. Youtube because it's not very movie or show oriented (I think you mean Hulu). Again though Hulu has a streaming service already.

On the other hand Crackle is what Hulu used to be. Free legal streaming service. Perhaps down the line to increase revenue and library size we may have to pay for a larger library.

Truth is, nothing in life is free, at least not forever.

FAGOL2614d ago

That's pretty cool. I haven't watched Snatch yet. Is this US only? If it is can you use a US account to use the service from the UK?

Peppy la Moca2614d ago

It is U.S only for now, but the devs have said this is the first phase which is U.S only, but it will eventually be available to users everywhere.

Dunno about using a U.S account tho. I tried using the BBC iPlayer on my U.S account and that didn't work so iunno.

Very solid addition to Home btw, no problems while I streamed desperado. If you do pause for longer than like 30 seconds tho it might restart the movie on you. I'm sure this will be fixed soon tho, and also I don't have the personal one, just the one in the cinema so that one might not have the problem.

GanjaMan2614d ago

SNATCH is an amazing film, if you havnt watched it you havnt lived! Its a great British movie and Brad pitt nails the 'Pikey' role incredibly.

fluffydelusions2614d ago

If you watch snatch may as well watch lock, stock, and 2 smoking barrels as well

Peppy la Moca2614d ago

Yup, yup. Both are great movies. Vinnie Jones is a badman in both of those haha. Great humor, great dialogue, and the action's not bad either lol

GanjaMan2614d ago

And then you might as well watch Rock N' Rolla too!

ZombieAssassin2614d ago (Edited 2614d ago )

Any Guy Ritchie film really... minus "Swept Away"

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Nykamari2614d ago (Edited 2614d ago )

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GanjaMan2614d ago

Give me the link mate!! I want in.

Nykamari2614d ago

Go to the StarHawk page on Facebook bro!!!!!

ZombieAssassin2614d ago

Is there even an official Starhawk page on facebook? I can't find one.

Nykamari2614d ago

Yes there is an official page type in like this --> StarHawk

FlareDReborn2614d ago

PSHome at a rough start but its getting better and better :D

Tonester9252614d ago

Man I haven't been on PSHome in a long time. What is there new to do on there?