Why Activision is a bad influence on gaming

Activision has been releasing a Call of Duty game for 8 straight years now. Is this the way that gaming will be in the future? Triple A titles coming out at alarmingly fast rates?

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DarkBlood2521d ago

no its more like why bobby *whatever the hell his last name was* is a bad influence

XeoZin2521d ago

Its no news.
heres an example:
Activision is a company that like to buy a cow that have a lot of milk, and milk it til its sooo dry it cant be milked anymore. After that the cow gets a bullet. Activision then finds a new cow and does the same. No feelings involved as long people buy the milk. The cows dont get a nice retirement..cod is an old is too..guitar heros milk got sour so that cow had to go.