Modern Warfare 3 Server Rollback Error Causes Loss of Stats

Botchweed: "It looks like Call of Duty Elite wasn’t the only issue with the launch of Modern Warfare 3. Unfortunately it seems like there may be more issues that need to be resolved."

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lorianguy2519d ago

I haven't experienced it, but I'd be angry if I did.

EddyD2519d ago

I had just prestiged for a 2nd time and got to level 10 before i was back at level 78 from the previous prestige. Wasn't pleased. Plenty of other reports of it happening too which sucks.

Dovahkiin2519d ago

Not quite as severe as yours but i was put down from 49 to 45, it shouldn't happen. I emailed them and they ignored it.


the game is a joke.

Not touched it since skyrim came out but I stopped at 65 or something like that.

GraveLord2519d ago (Edited 2519d ago )

Hasn't happened to me.
Again, Am I really lucky or is the internet full of BS?