GameSpot Insider Claims Editor Was Fired for 'Larger Reasons'

One of the team members who worked on the Kane & Lynch ads for GameSpot says that the timing of editor Jeff Gerstmann's departure is a case of coincidence, not cause and effect

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Hydrollex4996d ago (Edited 4996d ago )

They just fired jeff because Edios paid lot money to advertise the game and Jeff told the truth. That game really sucks. It's for last gen ! That pissed off Edios. Gamespot fired jeff because Edios didn't pay them anymore. Gamespot fired jeff because of DAMN $$$.

That is why PS3 sucks in Gamespot. Microsoft pays them too. Now truth are occuring

They fuked the truth and loved the money ? FUK THATTTTT
U people learn how to bubble someone !! Xbox 360 fans shut me up and you honest people need to bubble me up because I don't like to have 4 bubbles because of noob 360 fans. They never accept the truth. They dont accept that PS3 is the future.

gamesR4fun4996d ago (Edited 4996d ago )

But gamespots just one of the ones we know sold out lots more out there 1up for example.

And how about Eidos? They just go around bribing decent scores for all their games? or is it just the crap one like this?

TheExecutive4996d ago

well I agree gs has sucked for some time. It makes me wonder if other sites are getting paid off.

Gamingisfornerds4996d ago (Edited 4996d ago )

Do you really think MS goes about all the review sites and pays them money to give better scores? That's just silly.

First of all, any site that has proof of this would've made this public as this would've made them rich as hell. They would've gained a lot more money than MS would ever give them for this so called bribing!

Also, just because the 360 had a better line-up this year doesn't mean that all the better rated games are payed off? How about Mario Galaxy for the Wii, or Metroid Prime? Did Nintendo pay off all these sites as well?

Ofcourse, how silly of me! All companies except for Sony bribe the reviewers because surely, it's impossible for the 360 and Wii to get good scores and the PS3 to have a slightly off year, in terms of software!

Don't act like a little baby and just accept that the PS3 just didn't deliver as well as the 360. It's quite obvious if you aren't blinded by blatant fanboyism.

Next year perhaps the PS3 will dominate in AAA software, and rest assured that all the pathetic 360 fanboys will be claiming the reviews are payed off by Sony.

Lol, gotta love the onesided conspiracy theories!

BrianC62344996d ago

"Do you really think MS goes about all the review sites and pays them money to give better scores? That's just silly. "

Didn't they do that for Halo 3? I remember some huge kit Microsoft sent out to the press for Halo 3. Didn't it include a special Halo 360 and lots of other stuff? I remember something about it being worth $800 too. I wonder how many of those were sent out?

I don't trust reviews anymore. I listen to opinions from real gamers if I'm not sure about a game. If it's a game I want I just buy it. Gamespot is terrible though. Maybe they should fire the whole staff and hire regular gamers.

Wii60_FTW4996d ago

shut your black azzhole up, b1tch.

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TheMART4996d ago


It's funny though.

MK_Red4996d ago

I'm with you TheMART. This definitly looks like damage control.

Why was Kane & Lynch video review removed for a bit from GS servers is more than enough proof for why Jeff was fired.

Gamingisfornerds4996d ago (Edited 4996d ago )

What else can they say though? Yes, we fired him for that reason and thereby we lose all credibility?

They will deny this as long as humanly possible. On the other hand, it is possible it's just bad timing. But I think that's a bit of a stretch.

Also, this doesn't mean Gamespot have actually been payed off for certain. Eidos could've just complained about the tone of his review and said that they would stop sponsoring Gamespot if they didn't fire him. It by all means isn't direct proof of companies paying off review sites for better scores.

Though it is very suspicious indeed.

xionpunk4996d ago

yeah the Mart is right, gotta be damage control. I mean thats one helluva "coincidence". And of course the so called inside source would say that...if he works there hes afraid of getting fired now lol.

Hydrollex4996d ago

Ratchet and Clank : 7.5 ?
Uncharted : 8.0 ?

That's 2 mistake right there.

JIN KAZAMA4996d ago

those arent even mistakes, those are the results of BRIBES and corruptness at gamespot. FU(K them.


Naruto4996d ago

mass effect 8.5

Damage COntrol

TheMART4996d ago

Mass Effect average reviews still on 92%

No damage control nescessary. BTW an 8.5 is higher then about any PS3 game average ranked on Gamerankings/Metacritic. SO? Thanks for proving the 360 is the best gaming platform out there!

PS360WII4996d ago

Yes it was bigger reasons... all dealing with Eidos giving GameSpot more money ;)

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